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What is re-entry?

Re-entry is the period of time after a student returns from studying or working abroad. Instead of abruptly ending your study abroad experience, think of re-entry as a time to reflect, learn, and grow. Below is more information about re-entry, including adjusting to daily life, articulating what you have learned, and how to go abroad again. If you have questions or just want to talk about your study abroad and re-entry experience, please reach out to us!

PCC Re-entry Events:

Re-entry adjustment

One of the biggest challenges for students who participate in study abroad can be re–adapting to the realities of life back in the United States. Typically, students who studied abroad for a medium or long period of time went through many changes and usually re–examine their priorities, their values, and what they think about themselves and the United States.

For some, re-entry adjustment can be more challenging than the “culture shock” or cultural adjustment they experienced while living outside of the United States. Additional information about re-entry challenges can be found in the Center for Global Education Study Abroad Student Handbook.

Lessons From Abroad – Oregon

This professional conference is for students and recent graduates who have returned from an international education experience. At the conference, returnees are encouraged to reflect upon and understand their recent international experience. The conference provides re-entry support, networking opportunities, skill building workshops, and professional development training. Returnees will learn to identify and articulate gained skills that enrich and foster their future careers, educational endeavors, and community involvement.

The most recent Lessons From Abroad conference was offered virtually in 2020. Contact the PCC Education Abroad staff to learn about future conference dates.

Additional resources:

How do I articulate the skills I learned?

Chances are you learned something about yourself, the world, and your area of study while you were abroad. Sometimes it can be difficult to put what you learned into words. Taking the time to reflect and think about what you learned can help you articulate skills, supported by specific examples, that will help you personally, academically, and professionally in the future.

How can I go abroad again?

If you’ve caught the travel bug and can’t wait to go abroad again, take a look at the following programs and resources: