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Education Abroad Current Travel Updates

This website has current travel updates and information related to study abroad with PCC during the 2022/2023 year.  It contains Covid-19 related travel updates, health warnings, and government information.  As always, the Education Abroad Office will communicate with students and faculty via email and newsletter, but this website will share the latest information related to international travel. The health and safety of PCC Students and Faculty are our top priority, and we are monitoring the situation daily.

As we navigate this new normal, we will closely be monitoring the health and safety of the countries and regions of our study abroad programs. We will make decisions in tandem with PCC Risk Office and our program partners abroad, with guidance from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), US Department of State, WHO, (World Health Organization) based on current COVID conditions and protocols, and travel guidelines. We will keep students informed of health and safety protocols and guidelines.

The Education Abroad Office will continue to monitor the following sources of information which will help guide the decisions as we plan towards safe travel in 2023 and beyond.

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

How will PCC continue to make decisions about its study abroad programs for Summer 2023?

The Education Abroad office will continue to work closely with PCC Safety/Risk Management and our vetted and approved study abroad provider partners as we navigate ongoing COVID variants. In addition to PCC conversations, the Manager receives guidance from the State Department travel warning system, and reviews this information with our program partners overseas who are on the ground at the moment. This information is also synthesized with additional guidance from the CDC and the WHO. While it is a lot of data to synthesize, it paints a very well rounded picture of safety around the world.

Am I required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to participate on a study abroad program?

Yes. Program partners, and many countries are still requiring proof of a Covid-19 vaccination at this time. With the rise of new variants, most program providers are now suggesting that all students are staff receive a booster shot as well. We understand that getting vaccinated is a personal decision. Education Abroad Advisors are happy to talk with students who have questions or concerns. Advisors are available for honest and open conversations around the vaccination requirements, logistics and any other questions around vaccination and study abroad.

What happens if my program is cancelled?

If a program is unable to go abroad, students will be notified by the Education Abroad Office. If students are interested in a different program and space allows, the student’s deposit (and submitted paperwork) will be switched to the new program. If another program is not available the deposit will be returned to the student (PLEASE NOTE that if you owe money to the college, the deposit will go towards that balance instead).