Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

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Studying abroad is an investment in yourself and your education. Consider all your options to fund a study abroad experience: using financial aid, earning scholarships, saving money, and raising personal funds.

1. Financial Aid

This Study Abroad Financial Aid Form connects students with Financial Aid Advisors Melinda Leiva or Matthew Sagayaga. These advisors can help determine how much of your financial aid you can use for a study abroad experience. Each student’s financial aid situation is unique, so do not make assumptions about your aid and file for your FAFSA in October for the upcoming academic year.

Schedule an appointment via Calendly to meet with Melinda or Matt in-person, via phone, or through Zoom.

2. Apply for Scholarships

Who doesn’t want free money? While scholarship applications may feel daunting, they are often worth the effort. Check out our study abroad scholarships list, which includes tips and tricks for successful applications. The Education Abroad Office Advisors are helpful for brainstorming and reviewing essay drafts. Connect with an Ed Abroad Advisor by making a Calendly appointment or emailing

3. Saving Money and Personal Fundraising

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Text: Personal Fundraising (A.K.A Your Plan B)

We encourage you to think outside the box to creatively fund your study abroad experience! Popular options from PCC students have included:

  • Birthday or holiday gifts in the form of money instead of items
  • Extra shifts at work
  • PCC Payment Plan
  • New credit card or small private loan
  • Consider creating a digital crowdfunding campaign (ex: GoFundMe) and sharing it with your community. We can display your GoFundMe campaign on our website to promote your fundraising effort. Check out GoFundMe Campaign examples for students from previous PCC summer cohorts!*Note: GoFundMe Pages are not recommended for F-1 international students due to visa status regulations. Talk to the Office of International Student Services (OISS) for more information.

Funding Videos and Resources

First Steps Video: Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

Want additional help with understanding the costs of study abroad at PCC? Check out our Financial Aid & Student Accounts Funding Videos Resources for more information. These short videos (~10 min each) present information from qualified PCC staff relating to the costs of study abroad and options for covering the costs of this experience.

Additional Questions?

Education Abroad Advisors are available to meet to brainstorm ideas and talk more in-depth about your funding options. Schedule an appointment via Calendly to connect with an Ed abroad Advisor virtually via Zoom or over the phone.