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Featured Student Crowdfunding Campaigns

The Education Abroad Office provides support for PCC students who are creatively looking to fund their study abroad experience. The following students have put together crowdfunding campaigns to raise money. Please support them by donating if you can!

Dre Prendergast: History in Italy

Dre Prendergast
Hey, my name is Deondre but feel free to call me Dre. I am attempting to study abroad in Italy while documenting my experience in order to fulfill both a dream of filming and the requirements for the Gilman scholarship program that has trusted me to do so. I currently raise two of my younger brothers while working six days a week and attempting to finish my multimedia/ video production degree in the process.  Anything helps and I will personally dedicate my video abroad to anyone who decides to help make this dream a reality for me. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Da’Meka Bell: Bicycle Urbanism in Copenhagen

bicycles parked in front of a building
My name is Da’Meka! I am a current student at Portland Community College and I will be studying Bicycle Urbanism in Copenhagen, Denmark this summer. This is an exciting opportunity because it could be life-changing for me. I am a first-time traveler and this is outside of my comfort zone. During my time in Copenhagen, I will be taking tours of their bicycle paths and I will be learning about their bicycle lifestyle.

The program will allow me to experience the benefits of bicycle transportation and learn how Copenhagen operates with over half of its citizens riding bikes. All funds raised will be used to pay for the program fee which includes housing, entry fees, and insurance.

Please support my goal of studying abroad in Denmark by donating to my GoFundMe page!


Jalesia McCatty: Peace and Conflict in Japan 

Japan eveningHello, my name is Jalesia, I also go by, Jae. I am a video production and emerging media arts student at Portland Community College.

This summer I will be studying peace and conflict in Japan on a PCC Study Abroad program. This is my first time traveling to a country where the language, culture and customs are very different from my own. I will be way out of my comfort zone and into, what I like to call, the adventure zone where lots of learning and a new perspective on life awaits me. My main objective while visiting Japan is to grow, to let myself be a stranger in a strange land and explore the experience with a beginner’s mind.

Please support my goal of studying abroad in Japan by donating to my GoFundMe page!

Jade McGarity: Peace and Conflict in Japan

Japanese temple
My name is Jade and I will be studying Peace and Conflict in Japan this summer. This is an exciting opportunity and I’m proud to have been accepted to participate. During this program I’ll be visiting historical sites such as Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. My most anticipated experience will be speaking to a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombings of 1945. This is a rare chance and I believe there is much I can learn from this.

This experience is life changing for me, and I am so grateful for the chance to learn from the long and eventful history of such a beautiful country hands-on.

Please support my goal of studying abroad in Japan by donating to my GoFundMe page!

Juan Saucedo: Japanese Language in Japan

smiling male student
Hello, my name is Juan. I am a dual partnership student with Oregon State University (OSU) and Portland Community College (PCC), majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and studying Japanese. I have been invited to participate in PCC’s Japanese language study abroad program in Japan, where I will be able to apply my Japanese out of class. The program exposes me to the language and culture by visiting the historic city of Kyoto. Kyoto is filled with ancient palaces and traditional tea houses to peaceful Zen gardens.

This opportunity would allow me to improve my Japanese, study the stunning culture of Japan, and assist me in my future goals, like earning a graduate degree in engineering in Japan and ultimately becoming a professor in Japan. All donations will be used to pay the program fee, which includes housing, co-curricular/cultural activities, select meals, and insurance.

Please support my goal of studying abroad in Japan by donating to my GoFundMe page!