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Scholarships can be an important piece of a student’s funding plan for your education abroad experience. Scholarship applications may be overwhelming, so the Education Abroad Advisors can assist you through the process.

As you search for scholarships, consider checking with your PCC academic department, place of worship, or other organization(s) that you participate in. Think of the scholarship application process as an hourly job. If you spent 5 hours putting together a quality application and you earn $1500, that is a pretty good hourly rate.

Here are the scholarships that we recommend to students interested in studying abroad with PCC:

The PCC Foundation Scholarship: Deadline Feb 5, 2024

The PCC Foundation offers scholarships for PCC students. With one application, students are considered for more than 250 different PCC Foundation Scholarships, including our own Education Abroad Scholarship!

The PCC Foundation offers many scholarship support services, including free scholarship workshops and drop-in Zoom sessions during December, January, and February. The application deadline is Monday, February 5, 2024.

The Education Abroad Scholarship: Deadline Feb 5, 2024

The Education Abroad Scholarship is available within the PCC Foundation scholarship application. To apply for the Education Abroad Scholarship, submit your PCC Foundation Scholarship application, then follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Opportunities” tab in blue at the top of your application page
  2. Go to the “All” option from this tab
  3. Type “Education Abroad” in the keyword box
  4. Click “Apply” when you see the Education Abroad Scholarship option
  5. Answer the supplemental questions included
Pro Tip: Need someone to review your scholarship essays? Reach out to Education Abroad Advisors for assistance by emailing studyabroad@pcc.edu.
Gilman Scholarship logo
The Gilman Scholarship (Pell-eligible students)

The Gilman Scholarship is a national scholarship through the U.S. Department of State that offers $1000-$5000 for a summer study abroad experience. To be eligible for the Gilman Scholarship, applicants must receive a Federal Pell Grant during the time of application or provide proof that they will receive a Pell Grant during their study abroad program or internship. The next Gilman Scholarship deadline is March 7, 2024. 

The Gilman application requirements include three essays, unofficial transcripts, and information about the study abroad program you are applying to. The website also provides great resources for how to craft a competitive application, including essay guidelines. Check out these links below:

Gilman essay tips

Gilman selection criteria

Gilman application submission tips

When writing your Gilman Scholarship application essays, it is important to both answer the essay prompt AND tell your story in a clear and compelling way. Check out these resources for additional guidance with your essay reviews:

5 questions for Statement of Purpose Essay

5 questions to consider: Gilman Statement of Purpose Essay

  • Do you make a connection between your program and goals?
  • Do you make a connection between your country and goals?
  • Do you share how you will be academically successful on your program?
  • DO you give examples of your experience, skills, and knowledge that you will use to meet your program challenges?
  • Do you address how this abroad experience will impact your future?

3 questions for Mutual Understanding Essay

3 questions to consider: Gilman Mutual Understanding Essay

  • Do you articulate how you will represent the United States as a citizen diplomat while abroad?
  • Do you explain how you will contribute to the goal of building mutual understanding?
  • Do you discuss how you will look for opportunities to build meaningful relationships and become more culturally engaged?

5 questions Follow-On Project

5 questions to consider: Gilman Follow-On Project Essay

  • Does your Follow-on Service Project increase awareness of the Gilman Scholarship and study abroad?
  • Is your project feasible?
  • Do you give a detailed plan for your project?
  • Do you include your study abroad experience into your project?
  • Do you have an intended audience? Who will you collaborate with to reach this community?



General Study Abroad Scholarship Parameters and Deadlines
Name of Scholarship Description Dates and Due Dates Award Amount
PCC Foundation The PCC Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships to students. Due February 5, 2024 Varies
PCC Education Abroad Scholarship The Education Abroad office has its own PCC Foundation Scholarship for students applying for PCC faculty-led programs. The application is found within the Foundation Scholarship application. Due February 5, 2024 Varies
Gilman Scholarship For Pell Eligible students participating in a study abroad program of any length. Detailed application instructions: Gilman Scholarship Application Instructions. 2 Opportunities to apply: Oct 5, 2023 or March 7, 2024 $1,000-$5,000
Gilman-McCain Scholarship For dependent child of an active duty military member during the time of application and a recipient of any type of Title IV federal financial aid. Rolling $5,000
Fund for Education Abroad Specific for students participating on a study abroad program. General summer category and additional dedicated scholarships, such as the Rainbow Scholarship. February 7, 2023 Varies
Pride Foundation Pride Foundation provides essential financial resources and community support to LGBTQ and allied student leaders in the NW. Due in January, 2023 Varies
Explore the World Open to students ages 18-30 who lack the financial resources to go abroad. Award used for an overseas trip and must involve an educational component. Due November 27, 2023 $2,000
Go Overseas For any student participating in a study abroad program, award based on the creativity and analytical thinking displayed through writing samples and/or video submissions. TBD $500
LewerMark Make your Mark Scholarship For students enrolled in summer or fall study abroad programs. Must include an advisor recommendation letter. TBD $750
OSAC Scholarships For Oregon college students, up to 40 different eligible scholarships in one application. TBD varies

Many PCC students are awarded multiple scholarships for education abroad!

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