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Alternatives to PCC Faculty-Led Programs

If a PCC summer study abroad program doesn’t work for you, or if you’re wanting to explore other options, take a look at the list below.  Once you explore your options, we are happy to meet with you.

Programs Offered through Dual Enrollment/Co-Admission with PSU


Fully-Funded Summer Programs

2018 Faculty-Led Programs

How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

The study abroad process can be overwhelming, but don’t panic! Remember, you sit in the driver’s seat and you can make this happen.

Identify your goals

Why do you want to study abroad? Consider your primary and secondary wants/needs.

  1. Primary goals:
    • Study a specific academic subject
    • Live in a particular location
    • Become proficient in a specific language
  2. Secondary goals:
    • Participate in an internship or volunteer
    • Live in a big city vs. a small town
    • Live with a homestay family, in an apartment, or in a residence hall

Pinpoint your ideal time and length of term to study abroad

Consider your academic career, your obligations at home, and your financial means.

Research the programs

Decide which of the PCC options work best for you:

*Due to their competitive nature, students should also apply to another study abroad program as a back-up.

Start with the PCC website
  • Take the time to read through and compare a variety of programs.
  • Take notes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Meet with someone who has gone on the program, review photos, consider the dates of the program, and read the fine print.
Use your resources

To see how advising for and applying to different types of programs compares, take a look at our flowchart [pdf]Please note that no matter which program option you choose, you will need to meet with PCC Education Abroad as your first step.