Program Models

Close up image of green tea grounds

Photo taken by Laurie Wandle, Japan/Korea 2019

The following faculty-led program models are those utilized at PCC. You have many options for how to structure your course when you do program design!  The models reflect how much of the entire course is abroad.  Generally, the study abroad portion of a course is 2-4 weeks. Regardless of program model, CCOG course hours need to be met. When designing your program, you are encouraged to work with the EARC faculty mentor. Regardless of the program model, all programs are required to use a PCC-approved study abroad provider which has been vetted by PCC, based on best practices around health and safety, security, and access.

Stand Alone Program

  • This is a program in which the course(s) is/are taught entirely abroad.
    • Example: Summer 2018 Principles of Ecology in Australia, taught by Ed DeGrauw
      • Dates of course: All in country August 22-September 18th

Capstone Program

  • This is a program that is a culminating project or experience that supports the learning outcomes of a term course taught at PCC. Students in the course can opt for the overseas component.
    • Example: First Year Japanese in Japan, taught by Yukari Birkett
      • Dates of course: June-Sept with dates in Japan from August 19, 2018-September 2, 2018

Split Course Program

  • This is a program in which portions of the course are taught both abroad and at PCC.
    • Example: Math Literacy II and Statistics I in England, taught by Kaiwen Amrein and Emiliano Vega
      • Dates of course: June-early August with dates in London from July 8, 2019-August 2, 2019