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Program Models

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Stand Alone Program

  • This is a program in which the course(s) is/are taught entirely abroad.
    • Example: Summer 2019 Peace and Conflict Studies in Japan and Korea, taught by Doug Byrd
      • Dates of course: All in country-June 19, 2019 – July 16, 2019

Capstone Program

  • This is a program that is a culminating project or experience that supports the learning outcomes of a term course taught at PCC. Students in the course can opt for the overseas component.
    • Example: First Year Japanese in Japan, taught by Yukari Birkett
      • Dates of course: June-Sept with dates in Japan from August 19, 2019-September 2, 2019

Split Course Program

  • This is a program in which portions of the course are taught both abroad and at PCC.
    • Example: Math Literacy II and Statistics I in England, taught by Kaiwen Amrein and Emiliano Vega
      • Dates of course: June-early August with dates in London from July 8, 2019-August 2, 2019

Regardless of program model, all programs are required to collaborate with a PCC-approved study abroad provider which has been vetted by PCC, based on best practices around health and safety, security, and access.