Artwork Simulated Archetypes
For this North View Gallery project, Portland-based artist Karl Burkheimer has constructed a series of sculptural armatures inspired by the architecture of billboard signage. Posted July 16, 2016
2016 Sylvania Student Art Exhibition. Posted May 12, 2016
SGCI Conference 2016 – Portland
The North View Gallery is hosting three exhibitions associated with the 2016 SGCI Conference. Posted March 30, 2016
Artwork A Further Gleaning
Brenda Mallory's exhibition focuses on use of found and recycled scrap materials, prompting people to think about their consumption habits, to inspire creative reuse, and to initiate larger conversations about the waste society generates. Posted February 22, 2016
Artwork The Pull of Repetition
A group exhibition featuring eight mid-career artists, deeply engaged with pattern and formal repetition in the realization of visually dynamic and structurally complex works. Posted January 14, 2016
Artwork Erik Geschke: Amalgam
Referencing elements of architecture, industrial design and human physiology; Amalgam explores issues surrounding mortality, dystopia and modernism. Posted November 17, 2015
Artwork The Far North: Portrait of the Arctic
The work of Larry Cwik traverses the five coastal nations of the Arctic, capturing the ingenuity and challenges of life in this swiftly-changing region. Posted October 5, 2015
Artwork Disembodied Hands
Work from the Sylvania Arts Faculty: Summer 2015 Posted June 20, 2015
Artwork Sylvania Student Art Exhibition
2015 Student Art Exhibition: Spring 2015 Posted May 13, 2015
Artwork Cumulus Congestus
An exhibition of large-scale watercolor paintings and installation work by Portland artist, Bethany Hays. Hays draws on the politics of motherhood, feminism, and art history in her search for common ground between her roles as a parent and an artist. Posted March 30, 2015