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A poster of colorful drawings of objects. A Series of Interconnected Delights: a collaborative project by the 2022 PCC Creative Coding Capstone Class
"A Series of Interconnected Delights" (a 3-day event) helps us reconnect to each other through playful installations activated by spontaneous collaborative efforts of visitors. We invite people of all ages to come and experiment with the space. Posted June 14, 2022
Drawing of a head and two hands behind a fence; the background is filled with writing. Kirk Charlton: My Personal Experience
A drawing exhibition reflecting stories of my incarceration. Posted April 19, 2022
a turtle walking down a hallway Jeremy Rotsztain: Walking a Turtle, window exhibition
A window exclusive exhibition of an animated VR experience about attention and intentionality Posted January 18, 2022
A video still of a hand mirror layered with two other video images of lights and darks and an arm and hand pointing Maya Vivas: a convoluted remedy to my soft hands
A window exclusive performative video exhibition ruminating on diasporic therapies Posted December 2, 2021
Front and back views of a box containing a vintage postcard depicting a hotel. The image is overlaid with black and red text. Erinn Kathryn: Lands of Enchantment, window exhibition
A window exclusive exhibition of large dioramas challenging the glossy, picturesque Kodachrome mirages of white settler America Posted October 11, 2021
Entanglement at Night, window exhibition
A window exclusive nighttime exhibition of video works by maximiliano, Jaleesa Johnston and Sarah Brahim working with gestures of embodiment within and through digital and physical landscapes. Posted May 14, 2021
Sabina Haque, Detail of (UN)Belonging, installation at NW Dance Project, Portland, OR, January-February 2021, ink drawings on DuraLar and Mylar transparencies, 15 drawings, each 7' x 3' or 3' x 7'. Photographs by Ian Lucero. Sabina Haque: (UN) Belonging
A virtual exhibition of the multimedia installation by Sabina Haque presenting drawings, video, and performance exploring the cycle of welcoming and excluding, and what it means to belong to a community Posted February 1, 2021
A video still of Untitled (Saturday, October 16, 1993) shows a weathered newspaper clipping of a figure dressed in a white shirt with red tie standing before microphones. Arms reach out from the left side of the shot with tape recorders and additional microphones preparing to record the speaker’s voice. Rami George: and one day will tell you so many stories
Window exhibition: video essays and billboard - viewing extended through February 21, 2021. Posted September 14, 2020
Tyler Hohnstein, Girl Goes to Sea series, gallery view in 2020 Tyler Hohnstein: Stories, window exhibition
Window exhibition of narrative photography by local artist Tyler Hohnstein on view August 24 - September 13, 2020. Posted August 24, 2020
poem in window Livid, window exhibition
Livid: Anger ain't even the right word . . . Posted July 22, 2020