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Photograph of a face with closed eyes and blood on the forehead against a black background. Red text is superimposed across the photograph stating Volcano, new works by Jenn Sova, curated with Jodi Darby, 10.4 - 11.4.2023, Paragon Arts Gallery. Volcano by Jenn Sova
Installation and video exploring rage and gendered violence, opens 10/4/23. Posted September 25, 2023
A collage of landscape, city scape, and interior scenes, two-dimensional and three dimensional, installed on a black wall. Our Town, Old Town: Placemaking in Portland, Oregon, pop-up window exhibition
A large scale window exclusive collaborative exhibition exploring themes of PLACE. Posted August 29, 2023
A glowing cloud. Sonic Summer: a collaborative project by the 2023 PCC Creative Coding Capstone Class
"Sonic Summer" (a 3-day event) is an immersive sound bath inside an interactive sculptural cloud-scape. We invite people of all ages to come and experiment with light and sound in the space. Posted June 12, 2023
On the left, a painting of a landscape with a giant mushroom and human figures on a hill. On the right, a photograph of brown flat objects that look like frames hanging in a row on a wall. Parallel Exhibitions: April is the Cruelest Month by Jeff Leake and FROM: TO: by Mana Mehrabian
Paragon Art Gallery presents two exhibitions: April is the Cruelest Month by Jeff Leake and FROM: TO: | :فرستنده: گیرنده by Mana Mehrabian. Posted April 10, 2023
Two sculptures; one of a standing piece of wood with a metal ring and the other behind it, a tall structure covered in blue masks. A Joyous Grief: Molly Alloy & Michael Espinoza
Entwining two practices that reach towards queer ancestors, this exhibition vibrates with the vitality of queer solidarity in action. Posted February 12, 2023
A composite of five photographs of students painting murals. Stars of Jefferson: Black Shines Brighter
Week-long pop-up exhibition of mural art and interviews by Jefferson High School students Posted January 29, 2023
A detail of a charcoal drawing of a woman and a ceramic sculpture of 3 stacked heads. Parallel Exhibitions: M. V. Moran “Bad Air” and Erika Rier “Extravagant Creatures”
Paragon Art Gallery presents two exhibitions: Bad Air by M. V. Moran & Extravagant Creatures by Erika Rier. Posted November 25, 2022
Screen capture from Instagram with content removed. SENSITIVE CONTENT
Large-scale black line drawings on colorful paper hanging on the gallery walls. Sumi Ink Club Collaborative Drawing, window exhibition
A window exclusive exhibition of large scale drawings about line qualities, drawing processes, and collaboration. Posted July 21, 2022
A poster of colorful drawings of objects. A Series of Interconnected Delights: a collaborative project by the 2022 PCC Creative Coding Capstone Class
"A Series of Interconnected Delights" (a 3-day event) helps us reconnect to each other through playful installations activated by spontaneous collaborative efforts of visitors. We invite people of all ages to come and experiment with the space. Posted June 14, 2022