Monica Mayer showcard Mónica Mayer: Translocal Translations, 1978-2018
Paragon Arts Gallery is proud to present Mónica Mayer: Translocal Translations, 1978-2018. Dates: November 7 – December 15, 2018 Opening […] Posted November 2, 2018
Can Touch This Can Touch This: A Multi-Sensory Exhibition
An exhibition of visual art that engages multiple senses curated by Public Annex. Dates: September 21 – October 20, 2018 […] Posted September 17, 2018
Answers Without Words Answers Without Words
A photographic research project between prisoners and the rest of the world A collaborative exhibition of exchanges exploring incarceration, communication […] Posted September 4, 2018
Tilke Elkins artwork W H OARETHESEWO O D S
Image: Tilke Elkins, detail from G R IE FUN T ANGLE M E N  T, painting & object midden, 2018. […] Posted August 3, 2018
Contemporary Stratigraphy Remember the Future – Forget the Past (Remember the Past – Forget the Future)
Liz Ensz, Oquirrh Range (pre-Kennecott topology), 2018, 2-weft, double weave (double width) digitally designed, hand woven Jacquard cloth, hand dyed […] Posted June 15, 2018
Woman and daughter laying on a blanket and smiling Illuminating Family, Reframing Teen Parenthood
The exhibition celebrates and honors teen families, showing them as strong, dignified, loving, and successful in life. Posted May 17, 2018
Student Show Paragon Arts Annual 2018 Juried Student Exhibition
Selected works by PCC Cascade Arts Students, juried by Sara Siestreem. Posted April 11, 2018
Show card kiki nicole + black apotrope
NTP allows artists of color to go beyond the usual initial expositions inherent in presenting art borne of marginalized perspectives to a dominant culture. Posted February 27, 2018
Show card Perception-Sensation
Mana Mehrabian and Amelia C. Warden elicit questions about how individuals and communities consider time, events and places through their different perceptions and sensations. Posted January 22, 2018
Show card Contact Zones
Samuel Eisen-Meyers is a oil painter, songwriter and performer born and raised in Portland, OR. His upcoming show, “Contact Zones” presents two new series of large and small scale paintings. Posted November 22, 2017