The Third Thing- PCC Music and Sonic Arts Creative Capstone

Cascade Paragon Arts Gallery

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  • Paragon Gallery Exhibition Dates: June 13th-June 15th
  • Paragon Gallery Hours: Thursday, June 13th, 12-8p; Opening event 4-8p;  Friday, June 14th 12-7p; Saturday June 15th from 12-5
  • Live music performances from 6-8pm on Saturday June 15th.
  • All events are free and open to the public.

Please join us in the opening of the immersive installation piece “The Third Secret Thing”* by our current Creative Coding and Sonic Arts cohort at PCC Cascade!

This project is the culmination of a year of learning computer programming, arduino/microcontroller programming, sound design, and light design. Expect projection work, large scale sculpture, immersive multichannel sound with haptic vest immersion.

This year we have been collaborating with Universal Music Design, a Cymaspace collective of Deaf and Hard of Hearing musicians, sound artists and engineers working on the cutting edge of Sonic Agency research and development of haptic and light interfaces for DHH performers, audio engineers, and audience members. 

About Paragon Arts Gallery

Paragon Arts Gallery is an educational showcase committed to exhibiting work of high artistic quality. Our versatile gallery is located at 815 North Killingsworth, at PCC’s Cascade Campus. Mindful of our role as a member of the Humboldt community, we are especially committed to engaging community members in our space.