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A non-binary person stands with their recent top surgery scars, bandaged, in front of the White House in Washington DC in the evening Doc Screening: Trans Lives During COVID- by G6 Pictures
Screening & Discussion With Director G. Chesler Friday, February 23rd at 6:00pm Portland Community College, Southeast Campus, Community Hall __________________________________________________________________________________________ […] Posted December 4, 2023
Artist Nuria Montiel holding up a print she just pulled. A Conversation with Nuria Montiel – Monday Oct. 23
A conversation with Mexican printmaker Nuria Montiel and Alberto McKelligan Hernández, discussing the history of political printmaking in Mexico, as well as the contributions of women artists to this rich artistic tradition. Posted October 17, 2023
Showcasing GIS collaboration with Midori Hirose
Capturing Community | Geospatial Info Systems (GIS) collaboration with Midori Hirose Begins on May 5 2023 | Open during symposium […] Posted April 26, 2023
midori handing out clay to workshop participants Midori Hirose, Visiting Artist and APANO Artist Catalyst Program recipeint
Midori Hirose | Furin “Wind Bell” Project Honoring community and history through collaboration Connections within community spaces, moments, and forms […] Posted November 10, 2022