Abstract painting with ovoid shapes in light blue, white, green and yellow, with red, black and yellow squiggly forms in between. Sang-ah Choi
Landscape:  about space and time Landscape:  Opium Poppy#1, 2018, acrylic, felt, pen, graphite on paper, 38″ x 50″ April 10 […] Posted March 21, 2019
Charcoal drawing on white paper of three girls sitting and reading books; behind them is a grid with plant forms beyond. Robert Dozono
Large Format Works from the Eighties and Nineties Dana Studio, Girls #11, charcoal on paper, 66″ x 88″ February 18 […] Posted February 19, 2019
Marble crosses that were former grave markers are loosely piled together. Cross + Over
Michael Creger + Shelly Donohoe + Carole Duree + Jessi Eaton + Larry Lawlor + Kim Lewis + Benjamin C. […] Posted January 15, 2019
Charcoal and pastel drawing of dead dog laying in street. For Who You Are
Debra Beers Song Dog, 2016, charcoal and pastel on paper, 38″ x 50″ November 8 to December 15, 2018 Opening […] Posted November 7, 2018
The work continues The Work Continues
October 6 to November 3, 2018 Opening Celebration:  Saturday, October 6, 2-5 PM Reception and Gallery Talk:  Wednesday, October 24, […] Posted October 5, 2018
Conkle Sketchbook Bruce Conkle
It’s Always Dusty Because Everything is Falling Apart Primal Foundations, 2018, oil, metal leaf, diamonds on panel, 24″ x 18.5″ […] Posted July 11, 2018
View of some artwork Student Art Show: Flourish
Dates: May 29 – June 11, 2018 Awards reception: Thursday, May 31, 2-4pm Participating students JoAnn Albrecht Kylee Andersen Tania […] Posted June 8, 2018
Timberline Timberline
Dates: April 5 to May 18 Artist talk followed by reception: Thursday April 5, 4-7pm Gallery hours: Monday through Friday […] Posted April 5, 2018
Artwork Joshua West Smith
Southern California-based artist Joshua West Smith will be exhibiting a series of recent photographs and sculptures. The suite of photographs explore nature, beauty, harshness and sympathetic alien bodies. Posted February 20, 2018
Artwork A Good Pink
In A Good Pink, a collective of six artists join forces to explore the ambiguity and power of pink's many diverging identities, participating in an inquisitive dialogue around these idiosyncratic relationships. Posted January 10, 2018