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Image of young person sitting in from of Pac Man screens. Where Are We Now
Where Are We Now | PCC Art Student Exhibition 22\23 Posted April 22, 2023
Turquoise rectangle with the acronym IRL in multiple shades and tints of red. IRL | An In-Person Show of PCC Student Work from Past Online Exhibitions
An In-Person Show of PCC Student Work from Past Online Exhibitions Posted March 12, 2023
Arched shapes and the words "We Make Worlds" Sandy Sampson | We Make Worlds
We Make Worlds is an exhibition that celebrates the often unacknowledged experience, creativity, and resilience that surrounds us everyday. Posted November 7, 2022
Photograph of the artist leaning into the door of a Toyota pickup with painted seats. Rochelle Kulei Nielsen
Rochelle Kulei Nielsen | What Your White Mama Didn't Teach You About Indians opens on November 3, 2022. Posted September 7, 2022
Avantika Bawa
The North View Gallery at Portland Community College is pleased to reopen after two years, with a new site-specific installation by the artist Avantika Bawa. Posted May 31, 2022
Collage of student art. Zoom Out: PCC Art Student Exhibition 21/22
Our 2nd college-wide Virtual Art Student Exhibition invites us all to ZOOM OUT and see ourselves as part of one, powerful creative force. Posted May 14, 2022
Collage of 8 images of student works of art in the show. Alt Text descriptions for each image can be found in the exhibition galleries. Unmuted: PCC Art Student Exhibition 20/21
Our first ever college-wide juried virtual student exhibition invites student artists to “unmute” themselves and share their art work with the world. Posted May 7, 2021
Jaq Schmitz; Maternal Generational Trauma and Healing, 2020; Acrylic Paint on Poster Board; 20 x 16"; Painting Closing the Distance
"Closing the Distance" is North View Gallery's first juried virtual exhibition of student work from the Sylvania Campus Art Department. Posted June 1, 2020
Landscape drawing with black frame. The charcoal drawing is of a swing set in a field of snow. In the foreground of the drawing is white snow. The middle ground depicts three empty swings, with the legs of the structure (drawn as upside down V shapes) in between them and on either end of the structure. In the background are trees. The drawing is in subtle black and white tones and the overall mood of the piece is stillness and quiet. WHAT IS CONSIDERED AND SHARED
Work from the Sylvania Art Department Faculty Vanessa Calvert – Bruce Conkle – Myra Day – Kowkie Durst – Karen […] Posted February 12, 2020
Mixed media sculpture hangs on a white gallery wall. The lower half of the artwork is painted wood and depicts a jeweled necklace and white wrapped fabric. The upper part of the piece is a padded turban like shape made of shiny red fabric, with white buttons imbedded in it. A tail like drape of artificial grey hair is draped on the right side of the object. David Eckard
Placards and Placeholders Quite, Quite, 2019, painted wood, fabric, leather, mirror, artificial hair, 45.5″ x 28″ x 3″ January 15 […] Posted January 10, 2020