College collaboration

Collage of images of student work from the student art show. Making our Mark: PCC Art Student Exhibition 23/24
Making Our Mark, Portland Community College’s 4th Annual college-wide art student exhibition, this year on view in three of our four college art galleries. Posted April 30, 2024
Image of young person sitting in from of Pac Man screens. Where Are We Now: PCC Art Student Exhibition 22/23
Where Are We Now, Portland Community College’s 3rd annual college-wide art student exhibition represents the community’s first opportunity to see new student art made across the PCC district in person. Posted April 22, 2023
An aerial view of a white bathtub with red Japanese maple leaves floating in the water. Painting / Watercolor
Posted May 20, 2022
The viewer is looking into a multicolored and textured digital world; the floor is covered in red cracks and water bursts through while plant-like shapes burst out at the viewer, giving the illusion of a forest and particles of reds and greens flow out from the wall towards the viewer. Digital Art / Video Art
The End is Extremely Fucking Nigh was created as a reponse to building an abstract world in Spoke. My idea […] Posted May 20, 2022
A print with various geometric shapes in bright colors like pink, orange and blue with a monotype drawing of a woman in a dark brown ink, staring at the viewer. Printmaking
Posted May 20, 2022
Photograph of a young woman using natural light and shadows, with blue paint under her eyes, representing war paint. Photography
Posted May 20, 2022
A cone shaped ceramic sculpture, wider at the base and tapering to the top, small brown coils stacked in layers like a pyramid Ceramics / Sculpture / 3D Design
Posted May 20, 2022
A painted self portrait of artist's dual identity. Bright gouache painting. Basic Design / Calligraphy
Posted May 20, 2022
Drawing of an interior space with window showing Ukrainian flag outside. Drawing
Posted May 20, 2022
Black ink was used for lettering. The words read, you can't say all lives matter until black lives matter. Numerous skin tones fill in the letters and spaces with color. Book Arts / Calligraphy
Posted May 17, 2021