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PCC art galleries

  • A print with various geometric shapes in bright colors like pink, orange and blue with a monotype drawing of a woman in a dark brown ink, staring at the viewer.
  • A print with a faded black background, a red circle, faded orange sponge-like texture, and yellow star-like shape. The 3 shapes have black shadows scattered around the area.
  • Pictured are twelve prints of varying, layered combinations of turquoise, orange, black, and white depicting a witch in a hat and cowgirl boots holding a staff over a shucked agave plant with her cat jumping up in excitement, while in the background is a field of agave plants, mountains, and textured sky.
  • A woodblock print of a girl crouched on yellow hills behind a small, see through house, surrounded by a blue-grey forest and smaller silhouetted versions of herself.
  • In blue ink, a masc profile gazes to the right with a femme person behind them, overlapping along the nose. On the right side a drop of water creates ripples in the background.
  • A gritty take on a post apocalyptic war through a 1950's style propaganda poster.
  • Two linocut prints with an Asian woman's face with the Statue of Liberty crown on her head and a torch nearby on the right side. The bottom of the print says "American" -- there are also stars around the crown area. The print on the left is in black. The print on the right is in red.
  • Two men, nude, embracing.
  • A copperplate print in red and black featuring a crow with veins coming out of its neck and wings perched on a hand, with architectural elements and a labyrinth pattern with a man's silhouette in the background.
  • An ethereal monotype composition featuring a green spray-painted spider.
  • Ink block prints of trees, with sun peeking through them, rising.
  • A meandering stone wall spans three panels, rendered abstractly in green, pink and white.