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Book Arts / Calligraphy

PCC art galleries

  • A quote from William Gibson reading "When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart" is written in a blocky style on multiple lines filling the page from top to bottom. Lines of text alternate between white letters on a colored background, and colored letters on a white background. The words "coming apart" are tilted and staggered to suggest movement. The color ranges from red orange at the top of the page, to red violet at the bottom.
  • Black ink was used for lettering. The words read, you can't say all lives matter until black lives matter. Numerous skin tones fill in the letters and spaces with color.
  • List of names and types of violence and negativity separated on the page by a largely lettered divider that says wall of moms.
  • The word DOPAMINE is painted in watercolor 11 times on the page, each word slightly overlapping the one above it. The color shifts from green at the top to blue in the middle and purple on the bottom. The letters are outlined in graphite.
  • The piece is a full alphabet including numbers in an ornate block letter style, and framed on the left and bottom sides with some bamboo stalks and roses on the top left.
  • A calligraphy accordion book with a church image on the front.
  • An accordion folded book with words from the Bible.