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Sylvania North View Gallery

Painting of basketball court with the blacktop and hoops in the foreground and two school buildings in the background. The buildings are orange, yellow and red, the court is black and the sky is blue with white, grey and pink clouds.

Nora Lehmann, King School Basketball Court, 2014

October 3 to November 1, 2019
Opening Reception:  Thursday, October 3, 2-5 PM


This incipient work of Students of Color Curate, curated by founding director Amanda Giuliana Zao with student curators Alma Romero, Ervanny Astari, Limei Lai and Thao Ngyuen, offers perspectives on selected works from the collections of Portland Community College and local artists.

Students of Color Curate is a curatorial initiative to promote dialogue and inform college communities via the writing of students of color in response to publicly-owned and controversial works of art from college and private collections.

  • Panorama installation view of gallery with seven wall mounted artworks on the left and seven wall mounted artworks on the right. At center is a blank white wall and in the middle of the room are clear acrylic panels suspended from the ceiling. A video monitor is on a pedestal in the far right corner.
  • Installation view of gallery with a clear acrylic panel in the foreground and three artworks on the wall in the background. The acrylic panel has text printed on it. The artworks are paintings.
  • A representational painting of a schoolyard basketball court is hanging on a wall in the background. In the foreground is text describing the painting, printed on a clear acrylic panel which is placed directly in front of it.
  • A painting of an older Asian woman in traditional clothing, with her hair pulled away from her face. The portrait is in sepia tones, highly photorealistic, and depicts just her head and shoulders, with her face looking directly at the viewer.
  • A painting of a woman dancing is hanging on a wall in the background. The painting is predominantly orange. In the foreground is text describing the painting, printed on a clear acrylic panel which is placed directly in front of it.
  • Three artworks hang on a wall. On top is a large multicolored, vertical, abstract painting depicting people in the street. On the bottom left is a small black and white print of three seated figures; on the bottom right a square painting of a woman sleeping in a bed with a child on either side of her. The painting is predominantly blue.
  • An square frosted acrylic panel sits on a metal framework. Seen through the panel, centered on the square shape, is a QRC code.

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM

Directions:  Follow signs to bookstore and visitor parking.  Gallery is located in the Communications and Technology (CT) building, adjacent to the bookstore on the NE corner of campus.