Emily Ginsburg

Sylvania North View Gallery

Feedback Loop

Abstract painting with collage consisting of horizontal bands on a ground of black and white. Rectangular blocks of colors – including red, orange, blue, and purple – combine with patterned areas to create an overall fluid image.

Transmission #15, 2017, acrylic on stonehenge paper, 44″ x 30″

Artist in Residence:  June 17 to August 2, 2019
Exhibition Dates:  August 3 to September 20, 2019
Opening Reception:  Saturday, August 3. 2-4 PM
The opening reception will feature a performance by Michael Reinsch at 3 PM.


We are pleased to welcome Portland based artist Emily Ginsburg for an informal summer residency in the North View Gallery.  Ginsburg will be in the space from late June through July in preparation for her August/September exhibition Feedback Loop.  Among the artist’s plans for the space are a series of paintings, an installation, and a performance.  Visitors are welcome to engage Ginsburg in the space when she is there working.

Feedback Loop

As notions of meaning and resonance become increasingly ephemeral and mediated, this exhibition explores how to make visible and material the affective impact of our communicative transmissions. The desire within the work is to expose the visual and emotive confluence between synaptic and media derived patterns as abstract records of consciousness.

Cell phones, newspapers, television, social media, and streamed content allow us to author, participate, and witness these phenomena. These cumulative signals and noises are intertwined with direct physical interaction between bodies and sites in our everyday lives. Through the processes of painting, installation, digital fabrication and performance, Ginsburg engages the call and response interaction between materiality, transmission, and the reverberations that linger on.

About the artist

Emily Ginsburg received her BA in Art History from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 1986 and an MFA in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1991.  Her conceptually driven work maps physical, written and spoken behavioral patterns in the context of the everyday through diverse media.  These works have been exhibited nationally and internationally as well as commissioned for public art projects at Seattle City Light, Seattle Washington, Portland State University and Cyan/PDX in Portland, Oregon.  The artist Professor and Chair of Media Arts at Pacific Northwest College of Art where she teaches in the Intermedia and MFA in Visual Studies programs respectively.


  • Sculpture consisting of a large metal ring with a series of small paintings on paper hanging from it. The paintings are grommeted on the end attached to the ring and have colorful abstract images on them.
  • Sculpture with a series of small paintings on paper that have holes in one corner. They are strung together on a metal ring. On the left is one painting has text, on the right a number of paintings show abstract color images.
  • Artwork of vinyl rectangular colored decals on two glass walls. Colors include blue, red, green and yellow and are arranged as verticals. The trees and walkway are seen behind the glass.
  • View of art gallery with multicolored installation of vinyl decals on large glass walls. To the right in the background are a series of abstract paintings on a wall.
Performance by Michael Reinsch
Ways to Disappear in Plain Site

Using Ginsburg’s paintings and text prompts from Ways to Disappear in Plain Site as source, Reinsch will perform a collection of poetic improvisations as part of a project they created for Albatross in February of 2019.

Michael Reinsch is a multi-disciplinary artist living in rural Southern Oregon. Reinsch is an iconoclast who uses digital/analog collage, performance, poetry, and painting to pick at notions of received beauty and being. In addition, Reinsch has nationally performed a gallery called Albatross; a low impact endurance piece where art is displayed in a lanyard around their neck. Reinsch earned both a BFA and MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art where he also taught for 6 years.


Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM

Directions:  Follow signs to bookstore and visitor parking.  Gallery is located in the Communications and Technology (CT) building, adjacent to the bookstore, on the NE corner of campus.