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The Work Continues

Sylvania North View Gallery

The work continues

October 6 to November 3, 2018
Opening Celebration:  Saturday, October 6, 2-5 PM
Reception and Gallery Talk:  Wednesday, October 24, 4-5 PM


In The Work Continues, six Portland-based artists respond to the complexities of our existing social and political climate through the exploration of their own identities. Navigating a challenging climate potentially perpetuates a hyper-awareness regarding how we see ourselves in relation to others. Now, more than ever, there is an urgency for work that addresses identity awareness, shares points of view, and promotes dialog.

In these times of uncertainty and unrest, the artists have turned inward to a place of quiet introspection, creating works relating to their personal histories, vulnerabilities, and own sense of belonging in this world. When brought together, a larger comprehensive visual narrative culminates, resulting in self-portraiture of the emotional landscape that artists are navigating in 2018.

  • Black rectangle painted on wall; one small painting of a hand his on the left of the rectangle; 3 paintings hang within the rectangle: a small one of a hand, a larger painting of an African American man's face, half concealed, and another of a person's legs, with a framed text piece placed on top of that.
  • Square, wall mounted artwork made of gel caps (pills); the design is a bluish outer square and a lighter whitish square inside; the surface is very reflective.
  • Three framed prints on wall; each has a small printed image of figures at the center, and a small lock of human hair at the bottom of the frame.
  • Abstract two dimensional artwork made of white fabric with a grid of embroidered flesh colored circles, with googly eyes glued to the fabric in a random pattern.
  • Abstract, geometric sculpture made up of an arrangement of concrete columns, gravel, bricks and clay; it sits on the floor of a gallery with other artworks on the wall in the background.
  • Three framed ink drawings of human figures; the ink is in shades of from black to gray and is in a loose, fluid style.
  • Panorama view of gallery with five artworks on left wall, five artworks on right wall and sculpture in the center, with large windows in the background showing the trees outside.

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM

Directions:  Follow signs to  bookstore and visitor parking.  Gallery is located in the Communications and Technology (CT) building, adjacent to the bookstore, on the NE corner of campus.