Ceramics Bell Making workshop Ceramic Japanese Bell-Making Workshop with Midori Hirose
RSVP by November 14. Posted November 8, 2022
Image of a canal in Venice Connections in a Warming World by Robert Gamblin
Robert Gamblin – Connections in a Warming World: Icebergs of Greenland/Scenes of Venice Dates: April 13 – October 7, 2022 […] Posted September 14, 2022
Collage of student art. Zoom Out Student Art Exhibition 21/22
Our 2nd college-wide Virtual Art Student Exhibition invites us all to ZOOM OUT and see ourselves as part of one, powerful creative force. Posted May 14, 2022
Modern print art with white, red and yellow colors. There is a cut tree trunk with leaves and mushrooms coming out of it. CultureSEast: A Golden Pear by Georgina Brooks and See Me See You by Samantha Wall
The Southeast Gallery presents two exhibits this term by artists Samantha Wall and Georgina Brooks, in conjunction with the Southeast […] Posted January 28, 2020
portrait of a child on a cardboard box with light shining through it. Faces of Hunger and Geometry Relapse by James Thatcher
The Southeast Gallery presents two exhibits by artist James Thatcher: Faces of Hunger and Geometry Relapse. Dates: October 1 – […] Posted October 21, 2019
The image is of artwork. It is screenprint embroidery & machine stitching on recycled fabric. The image appears to be an embroidered sheep, with embroidered flowers and stars. Selected Works by Palmarin Merges
The Southeast Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit by local Portland artist Palmarin Merges. Selected Works: Palmarin Merges features […] Posted April 5, 2019
Self-portrait artistic image of Rachel Siegel Presenting PCC: Photography by Rachel Siegel, Ellen Regal, Smith Eliot, and Mike Riches
The Southeast Gallery is pleased to share an exhibit highlighting four of our own photography instructors. Presenting PCC – Southeast’s […] Posted February 7, 2019
PCC Reader outdoor sculpture Julian Voss-Andreae
Contemporary technology is ushering in a new era for sculpture, comparable perhaps only to the invention of metal casting during antiquity. Posted March 8, 2018
boba fett vs waldo and carmen sandiego Black Heroes Matter by Steven Christian
Black Heroes Matter is a Visual art series created by Steven Christian in response to the recent #BlackLivesMatter and #OscarsSoWhite social movements. Posted September 9, 2016
Queen Maternal Geographies by Emma Colburn
Comprised of collages built with paper, fabric, and found objects during the first three years of motherhood, Maternal Geographies surveys the body as a landscape that shifts with seasons of life. Posted June 28, 2016