High school students

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Check out the PCC Dual Credit Student Handbook and Bookmark (revised 12/2020).

Why Dual Credit?

There are lots of reasons to take Dual Credit classes. Here are a few:

What does it cost?

There are no tuition or fees associated with the Dual Credit program. This means you get huge savings on your college credits!

Earn college credit

Along with the high school credits you already need, with Dual Credit you can earn college credit that counts toward a degree or certificate.

The credits you earn provide an advantage whether you use them at PCC, another college, or on your resume as you explore employment opportunities.

Credits are transferable

PCC credits are transferable to all public colleges and universities within the Oregon university system and most other institutions outside the state. It’s always important to check with the college or university you plan on attending to know how these credits will be applied. Learn more about transcripts.

Benefit from PCC student resources

Dual Credit students can use a variety of resources at PCC.

Take PCC non-credit classes

You can register for non-credit classes at PCC (such as driver education) using your Dual Credit admission! That means you don’t need to re-apply to PCC as a non-credit student to register for non-credit classes.

Ready to get started?

  1. Do you attend a participating high school?
    • Check with your high school counselor to find out which classes at your school are part of the PCC Dual Credit program, or see our list of participating high schools. You can’t have already earned your high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Complete the 3-step process to become a PCC Dual Credit student:
    1. Apply for admission to PCC as a Dual Credit student.
      You need a personal email address to apply online.
    2. Log in to MyPCC and set up your password.
    3. Register for Dual Credit classes.
  3. Tips for being a successful PCC Dual Credit student: