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High School Faculty

Important Deadlines for High School Faculty!

New Course – New Teacher
  • Instructor qualification review required:
    • Notify Dual Credit and submit Dual Credit application by April 1st
    • Upload resume/CV, transcripts, etc. by April 15th
    • Qualification review, Course content alignment, syllabus approval must be completed by September 1st
New Course Only – Teacher Already Articulating
  • No new instructor qualification review required:
    • Notify Dual Credit by May 1st
    • New course syllabi should be submitted for approval by June 1st (or prior to school ending for the academic year)
    • Approved syllabi due to Dual Credit office by September 1st
All Continuing Dual Credit Courses
  • Fall term (1st Semester and 1st Trimester classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned in by September 1st
  • Winter term (Yearlong and 2nd Trimester classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned by September 1st
  • Spring term (2nd Semester and 3rd Trimester classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned in by November 1st

Interested in Articulating?

Fill out this application and submit to the contact information on the form

3-Step Articulation Creation Process

Step 1: Instructor Qualification Review
  • Who – All Credentials are submitted to Division Dean by Dual Credit office.
  • What – The review of credentials will allow the dean to decide if the candidate meets all qualifications necessary.
  • Why – PCC must maintain a high degree of rigor in all credit-granting classes, just as is true in all “on-campus” classes. Teacher qualifications must meet or exceed all the requirements posted.
  • Where – If the instructor meets the qualifications the PCC Dean will review and sign “IAF” (Instructor Approval Form), then the document will go to the PCC Dean of Instruction for review and approval. If approved through demonstrated competency the Vice President of Academic Affairs will also need to review and approve. The candidate will be notified by the Dual Credit office once the instructor qualification review has been completed.
Step 2: Course Review
  • Who – An PCC instructor from the nearest campus to the High school will be assigned as the faculty liaison and a partnership will be created.
  • What – The liaison will offer suggestions for course alignment and activities.
  • Why – It is important to employ the guidance of experienced faculty when creating a new course. Their guidance can be invaluable
  • Where – Course review should happen soon after the partnership is defined and it may happen by phone, at school, in a coffee shop, wherever partners choose. (See further strategies for partnership development on the following pages).
Step 3: Articulation Agreement Created
  • Who – After the instructor qualification and course review steps are completed, the Dual Credit office will create an articulation agreement. This agreement is signed (electronically) by the High School Faculty and Administration, PCC Faculty Liaison, Dual Credit Coordinator, Division Dean, Dean of Instruction and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • What -This is a legal document. All parties should take care to read the entire document and know what they are agreeing
  • Why – PCC is an accredited community college. To remain true to our vision and uphold standards, outside offering of credit should be by contract only.
  • Where – Copies of all articulation agreements are available and filed in Dual Credit office.

PCC Grading Guidelines

PCC Grading Guidelines, including when it is appropriate to designate a non-passing or incomplete final grade.