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Step 3: Articulation agreement

Meetings and events

Want to meet with other PCC and high school Dual Credit faculty? Attend an upcoming meeting or event for faculty.

  1. Once you’ve gotten the necessary instructor and course approvals, the Dual Credit office will create an articulation agreement.
    • This agreement is a legally binding contract between PCC, the Dual Credit program, and your high school. All parties should take care to read the entire document and know what they are agreeing to.
    • The agreement states the responsibilities of all parties required to electronically sign – the high school instructor and administrator, PCC Dual Credit Coordinator, faculty liaison, Program Dean, Dean of Instruction, and Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  2. You will then receive a 1-year initial articulation agreement for the current school year.
    • Courses included in the 1-year initial articulation agreement must be assessed during that academic year for the agreement to move on to a 3-year renewal articulation agreement. Courses must then be assessed at least once during those three years. Learn more about course assessments.

PCC is an accredited community college. To remain true to our vision and uphold our standards, outside offering of credit should be by contract only. Copies of all articulation agreements are available and filed in the Dual Credit office.