PCC Dual Credit

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Are you a STUDENT interesting in taking Dual Credit?

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Did you know?

Students can register for non-credit classes at PCC (such as driver education) using their Dual Credit admission? That means students do NOT need to re-apply to PCC as a non-credit student in order to register for non-credit classes.

How does Dual Credit benefit students after high school?


C3 is designed to help act as a roadmap for students considering earning Dual Credit while in high school, and wishing to utilize these college credits they earn after they graduate from high school.

Important Deadlines for High School Faculty!

New Course – New Teacher:
  • Instructor qualification review required:
    • Notify Dual Credit and submit Dual Credit application by April 1st
    • Complete DualEnroll.com profile and upload resume/CV, transcripts, etc. by April 15th
    • Qualification review, Course content alignment, syllabus approval must be completed by September 1st
New Course Only – Teacher Already Articulating
  • No new instructor qualification review required:
    • Notify Dual Credit by May 1st
    • New course syllabi should be submitted for approval by June 1st (or prior to school ending for the academic year)
    • Approved syllabi due to Dual Credit office by September 1st
All Continuing Dual Credit Courses
  • Fall term (1st-trimester classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned in by September 1st
  • Winter term (2nd trimester, 1st-semester classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned by September 1st
  • Spring term (3rd trimester, 2nd semester, yearlong classes) course syllabi – must be in proper template format and turned in by November 1st
Earn College Credit While in High School

Provided by STEM Oregon

Portland Community College provides the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. Students, who complete courses taught at their high school by qualified instructors providing the same rigor and content as an on-campus college class, can earn PCC credit.

The high school instructor must have the same qualifications that an on-campus faculty member does. The course must be providing the same content, course materials and outcomes as a PCC course. When these requirements are met the course is considered “articulated” with a PCC course and students can earn college credit.

Students can earn PCC credit in:
  • Lower Division Collegiate
    • Courses that count toward a Bachelor’s degree in subject areas like Literature, Engineering, History, Math, and Music.
  • Career & Technical Education
    • Courses which lead to an Associate’s degree or certificate in programs such as Automotive Service Technology, Computer Applications Systems, Early Education & Family Studies, Welding, Building Construction Technology, and many more!

Since PCC Dual Credit courses are the result of alignment (and agreement) between the high school and the college, not all high school courses are eligible. Check with your high school counselor to find out which courses are part of the PCC Dual Credit program. Get a head start on your college and career preparation!

Dual Credit Program Data

Currently there are 67 high schools articulating PCC Dual Credit. In 2017-18, the PCC Dual Credit program registered 6,830 students who earned 42,416 PCC credits.

As a student of the PCC Dual Credit program, students were not charged tuition or fees. This was a savings to the students and their families of $4,411,264 in PCC tuition and generated approximately 1,264 college FTE.