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When to register for classes

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Most students can register beginning about 6 weeks before the start of the term. You can register up to the first day of class. We use priority registration: the more credits you've earned, the earlier you can register. This helps students graduate on time by giving them the opportunity to enroll in required classes that fill up quickly.

How priority registration works

  • Students who were enrolled in credit classes the previous term can register earlier. The exception is fall term: for earlier fall registration, you must have been enrolled the previous spring.
  • Registration priority is based on credits: the more credits you've earned at PCC, the earlier you can register. Transfer credits and credits in progress are not included.
  • Students who have declared a degree can register earlier than undeclared students.

About two weeks before registration begins, you'll get your priority registration group and date in your PCC email. You can also see your registration dates by clicking See when (and if) you can register on the MyPCC Home tab.

Spring 2023

Spring registration groups and dates
Registration group Registration begins on...
Veterans group veterans, active duty military,
and students using VA education benefits at PCC
Friday, February 24, 7am
Group 1 students with more than 80 credits Monday, February 27, 7am
Group 2 students with 56 - 80 credits Monday, February 27, 11am
Group 3 students with 41 - 55 credits Monday, February 27, 2pm
Group 4 students with 26 - 40 credits Tuesday, February 28, 7am
Group 5 students with 16 - 25 credits Tuesday, February 28, 11am
Group 6 students with 11 - 15 credits Tuesday, February 28, 2pm
Group 7 students with 6 - 10 credits Wednesday, March 1, 7am
Group 8 students with 0 - 5 credits Wednesday, March 1, 11am
Group 9 students not enrolled in previous term Thursday, March 2, 7am
Group 10 undeclared degree students Tuesday, March 7, 7am
Group 11 Community Ed and
Continuing Education students
Wednesday, March 8, 7am
Group 11 ABE and non-credit ESOL students Wednesday, March 8, 7am

Registering after a class has started

If you try to register after a class has started, you will get an error saying "Adds not allowed after 1st day". To register on or after the first day of class, you need to get instructor permission and register before the late registration deadline.

Late registration deadline

For 8-12 week classes, the late registration deadline is the second Tuesday of the term. For short-term classes, which have earlier deadlines, it is two business days after the drop deadline for the class. You cannot register for a class after the deadline.

How to request permission for late registration

  1. Find your class in the schedule and email your instructor (instructions below). Ask the instructor if there is availability in the class. If they agree, have the instructor complete a registration override in MyPCC using your G number.
  2. Once the instructor has completed the override, you'll get an email saying you can register for the class. (You can check your override status by clicking See when (and if) you can register on the MyPCC Home tab). 
  3. Register for the class in MyPCC by the late registration deadline. The override itself does not register you for the class.
    • Heads up: the late registration deadline is usually the same as the drop deadline, so be sure you really want this class – you won't be able to drop it.
How to find your instructor's email address
  1. Go to the class schedule, select the term, enter your class's CRN in the keywords box, and click "Show Me Classes".
    Screenshot of the class schedule main page with the checked Spring Term radio button circled, the CRN entered in the keywords search box (also circled), and the show me classes button circled
  2. Click your instructor's name. This will take you to the Staff Directory where you can see the instructor's email and other contact information.
    Screenshot of the class in the schedule, with the instructor's name circled. This is the link.