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Step 2: Course review

Meetings and events

Want to meet with other PCC and high school Dual Credit faculty? Attend an upcoming meeting or event for faculty.

  1. A PCC instructor from the campus nearest to your high school will be assigned as your faculty liaison, establishing a collegial relationship based on guidance and encouragement.
    • Your liaison will lead you through the alignment process, assuring that your course mirrors that of an on-campus course.
    • They will review your course and discuss pertinent information about the department and SAC, as well as provide suggestions for resources, access to texts and articles, possible speakers, and hands-on activities.
    • The schedule of learning activities and outcomes should line up directly with the department’s posted CCOGs (Course Content and Outcome Guides).
  2. In compliance with the Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) rules and the Oregon State Dual Credit standards, all PCC courses must have a syllabus on record for each class taught.
    • All high school Dual Credit faculty are required to submit a syllabus once per Articulation Agreement period. Send your completed syllabus to your Dual Credit Coordinator.
      • You must also inform the Dual Credit office of your articulated course offerings (teaching schedule for Dual Credit classes). CRNs will not be published and students will be unable to register until the Dual Credit office has received your updated syllabus for the course.
    • If you don’t have a previous Dual Credit articulation agreement:
      • You will get a copy of the course syllabus template, which contains all of PCC’s required information as well as federally-required statements such as ADA and Title IX. Contact the Dual Credit office for a current template if your faculty liaison has not provided one yet. Your faculty liaison may also provide copies of their college syllabi for the same course for you to reference.
      • Your faculty liaison will then review your syllabus rough drafts and work with you to make changes so that the syllabus meets the expectations for the same course at PCC.
    • If you do have a continuing PCC Dual Credit articulation agreement:
      • You simply need to update the dates of your course and submit the updated syllabus.
      • If your course content has changed, you must resubmit your syllabus for approval – the contract with PCC is based on the specific syllabus originally approved. Let us know if this is the case so that we can send your syllabus to the appropriate PCC faculty as soon as possible.
  3. Fill out the course approval form with your faculty liaison. This form will be confirmed and noted as your official syllabus approval.
  4. If your syllabus aligns well with similar courses taught at PCC, you will be notified that the syllabus is approved. All syllabi for new courses should be approved by September 1 at the latest.
  5. See Step 3: Articulation agreement.