Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon Portland Community College

Student responsibilities

  • Review the information provided on this website.
  • Be prepared for a college-level class.
    • Self-assessment. What it means to be college-ready.
    • Do you meet the prerequisites? Your high school classes can often count as college-level prerequisites. If you’re not sure, ask your teacher.
  • Complete the PCC Dual Credit admission application and keep your account information (your MyPCC username, password, and G number) in a safe place.
  • College deadlines are more stringent than high school deadlines. Know the registration, drop, and withdraw deadlines for the Dual Credit classes you are taking. Register by the deadline!
  • Verify your registration by logging into MyPCC, going to the My Courses tab, then viewing your Class Schedule.
  • Drop or withdraw from your Dual Credit course if you drop or transfer out of the high school class and/or school.
  • Send your official PCC transcript to all the colleges and universities that you apply to.
  • Update your address with PCC if you move. This can be done by logging into MyPCC and clicking on Profile, or by calling Enrollment Services at 971-722-8888, option 2.