Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Pre-Pharmacy 2010-2015

Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy

American Pharmacists Association

Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits

Biological Sciences to include:General Biology - 8 semester cr./12 quarter cr.

Microbiology - 3 semester cr./3quarter cr.

Human Anatomy and Phys. - 8 semester cr./12 quarter cr.

BI 211, 212, 213 General Biology - 15cr.

BI 234 Microbiology - 5cr.

BI 231, 232, 233 Anatomy & Phys. I, II, III- 12cr.


Chemistry to include:General Chemistry w/lab -8 semester cr./12 quarter cr.

Organic Chemistry w/lab -8 semester cr./12 quarter cr.

CH 221, 222, 223 General Chemistry I, II, III - 15cr.

CH 241, 242, 243 Organic Chemistry I, II, III - 15cr.

Physics w/lab - 3 semester cr/ 4 quarter cr PHY 201 General Physics 4
Calculus - 3 semester cr. / 4 quarter cr MTH 251 Calculus I 4
Psychology Intro or Abnormal Psychology- 3 semester cr. /3 quarter cr PSY 201A or 202A Intro to Psychology or 239 Abnormal Psychology 4
English  -6 semester cr./8 quarter cr. Must include 3 semester hrs. of English Composition

WR 121 English Composition

Plus WR 122 or other ENG course
Humanities/Fine Arts - 3 semester cr./ 3 quarter cr.

Geography, History, Religion, Philosophy, English, Art, Drama, Theatre Arts


Social/Behavior Sciences - 3 semester cr./ 3 quarter cr. Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 4
Economics- 3 semester cr./3 quarter cr. EC 201 Microeconomics or EC 202 Macroeconomics 4
Speech/Communication/Debate - 3 semester cr./ 3 quarter cr. COMM 111 Public Speaking 4


To be eligible for admission to the PharmD program, applicants must complete a minimum of 62 semester credits of prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university in the United States. In order to apply, applicants must achieve a minimum cumulative, science and last 45 semester credit GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent. In order to matriculate into the pharmacy program, applicants must receive a grade of "C" or better in all prerequisite courses.

While a bachelor's degree is not required in order to apply to the PharmD program, it can make an application more competitive. It is recommended that all required coursework be completed within seven calendar years of the time of application to the program, especially for science courses. Applicants do not need to have all prerequisites done at the time of application but having most courses, if not all of them, done before applying can make an application more competitive.


PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

Last updated: January 2015