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Walla Walla College is a Seventh-day Adventist college which welcomes any student wishing to obtain a quality education in a Christian environment. The college offers nursing courses at two sites. The main campus is located in College Place, Washington and at the Nursing Clinical Campus in Portland, Oregon.

The freshman and sophomore years of the nursing curriculum can be taken on the College Place, Washington campus or at a transferring institution and include a combination of general studies, nursing cognates, and nursing courses. The junior and senior years are taken on the Portland, Oregon campus and include nursing and general studies courses. The School of Nursing offers unique summer entry options for students who have completed the required prerequisites. Once admitted, these students can take sophomore nursing courses during the summer term on the Portland campus. An RN Plus option is also available on the Portland Campus for licensed RN's who have an associate degree or a diploma in nursing.


Last updated: January 2015