Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Exercise & Sport Science 2014-2015

Bachelor of Science


General Education - Baccalaureate Core

Transfer Equivalency website

Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits

CH 221, 222, & 223 General Chemistry or

CH 121, 122, & (123 or 130) General Chemistry

CH 221, 222, & 223 General Chemistry

or take CH 121-123 at OSU


MTH 112 Elementary Functions MTH 112 Elementary Functions 5
BI 231/241, 232/242, 233/243 Human Anatomy & Physiology lecture & labs

BI 231, 232, & 233 Anatomy & Physiology


NUTR 240 Human Nutrition Take at OSU -



Additional Requirements

For PCC courses that transfer to OSU, refer to Transfer Equivalencies above. If you plan to get an AAOT degree, all OSU Baccalaureate Core Requirements will be met by AAOT degree requirements. Be sure to take all other required courses.

PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

Last updated: September 2014