Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Elementary Education 2009-2010

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

General Education

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Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits
University Core 101,102,103

WR 121 & 122 English Composition I & II


SP 111 Public Speaking




Humanities: At least one must be a Literature and Art History course. Choose at least 1 ENG course and at least 1 course from ART 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 212, 213. The remaining course can be from any Humanities subject 12

Social Science: At least one must be History, one Health, one Geography.

Choose at least 1 HST course, at least 1 GEO course and at least 1 course from HE 212, 213, 242, 250, 251, or HPE 295 10-12
Science: At least one must be a physical science and one a biological science. At least two courses must have labs. Choose at least 1 course from CH, GS, or PHY and at least 1 course from BI. At least 2 courses must have labs 11-12
Mathematics: Math 211, 212, 213 - Math 211/ 212 must be taken prior to admission into the Elementary Education program MTH 211, 212, & 213 Foundations of Elementary Math I, II, & III 12

Completion of two of five required practicum experiences

__Head Start program/Preschool age

__Special Education/Resource Room

__ESOL/Bilingual classroom

__Primary grade classroom

__Upper elementary classroom


Practicum experience offered through PCC

ED 208 Outdoor School Leadership Practicum

ED 209-211 Practicum

ED 214 Practicum: Outdoor School

ECE 131 or 133 –both have prerequisites
Recommended Electives Recommended electives WR 241, PSY 201 or 202, SPA 101-203. will vary

Entering freshmen at SOU have an opportunity to explore their interest and prepare for the education program during their freshman and sophomore years while fulfilling the university’s general education requirements. General education and elective course selection in the first 90 credit hours will vary by individuals’ needs and backgrounds. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the School of Education early in their freshman year. All students seeking the BA/BS degree in education and teaching license must be formally admitted to the teacher education program. Information about the application process and criteria is available from students’ individual advisors and from the School of Education office coordinator. Applications are usually submitted at the end of the sophomore or beginning of the junior year. The program is based on a strong partnership and articulation agreements between SOU and RCC faculty and in collaboration with other state and regional community colleges.

Community college transfer students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree in education with an early childhood/elementary teaching license may apply their previous credits degree upon acceptance at SOU. Transfer students should seek early advisement in SOU’s School of Education for more information regarding application and admittance procedures to the education degree and licensure program.

Once admitted to the education program, students take upper division coursework in their junior and senior years that includes teacher preparation requirements in the early childhood and/or elementary major: content knowledge, pedagogy, and field experiences. The coursework focuses on understanding children in unique stages of development and learning, children and families from diverse backgrounds, multi-disciplinary content knowledge and pedagogy, and field experiences in multiple, diverse settings.

Additional Requirements for the Four Year Elementary Education with Licensure Program

Authorization Interest:   

Early Childhood (Age 3 to grade 4) or Elementary (Grade 3 to grade 6, self-contained 6-8)

  • University Studies coursework completed to date (See Elementary Education Course Listing for specific course requirement information)
  • Take Pre-License coursework as specified in the Elementary Education Course Matrix (either the RCC or SOU version) in consultation with advisor
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above
  • Completion of a minimum of 90 credits
  • Two letters of recommendation documenting two successful experiences working with groups of children (using the form provided)
  • Submit Application for Formal Admission to the School of Education Elementary Education Program (Maria Perez-Brodeur, EP 142, 552-6936, perezbrm@sou.edu)
  • Participate in an informal interview with a School of Education Faculty Advisor


Additional Requirements

In addition to the departmental requirements listed above, students must also complete coursework for university admissions, general education requirements, and BA/BS requirements. Meet with a PCC Academic Advisor to develop an effective transfer plan that will meet your individual needs.

PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

Last updated: August 2009