Western Oregon University

American Sign Language/English Interpreting 2008-2009

Bachelor of Science

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General Education

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Required Courses

University Requirement PCC Equivalent Credits
ASL I -III ASL 101, 102, & 103 or 150 & 151 9
ASL IV-VI ASL 201, 202, & 203 or 250 & 251 9
INT 253 & 254 Must be completed at Western -

The ASL/English Interpreting major at Western Oregon University (WOU) is designed to prepare graduates to enter the interpreting field as professionals who make significant contributions to the service delivery team. The program combines classes in language development, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, education, and professional practices, as well as interpreting theory, technique, and the application of knowledge and skills to interpreting performance. Courses are taught by highly qualified instructors, both deaf and hearing, and students interact with professional interpreters and consumers throughout their term of study.

Some students by virtue of class standing, interpreting experience, language proficiency, and/or transfer status may be admitted to the major prior to the completion of all prerequisites. As part of the admission process, students may be asked to take ASL and/or interpreting placement exams. Some students may be required to continue their ASL study after acceptance into the program.

Transfer students work with the Admissions Office to determine transfer credits from other institutions that apply to WOU’s liberal arts core curriculum and/or minor requirements. Students work with the program coordinator to determine transfer credits from other institutions relative to the Interpretation major.


It is assumed that all students will complete ASL 101, 102 and 103 with a passing grade of C or better before entering the second year of American Sign Language.

The WOU program is a competitive program requiring application and acceptance. Applications for admission are typically due in March for admission the following fall. Second year ASL language courses and 200-level INT courses are considered prerequisites to admission. Interpreting majors must have a grade of C or better in courses that are used to satisfy the major requirement.

Additional Requirements

Students must also complete coursework for university admission, coursework to satisfy WOU's Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (some of above courses may apply), cultural requirement, writing intensive requirement, and graduation requirements outlined for the BS or BA. Meet with a PCC Academic Advisor to develop an effective transfer plan that will meet your individual needs.

PCC endeavors to create accurate transfer guides for students; however, requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with PCC advisors and their transfer institution to ensure that their academic plan will meet requirements and timelines.

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