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Ready to get started? We have options for you based on your goals, budget, and deadline.


Option 1: DIY templates and tools

If you already know what you need and need it quickly, our DIY templates are your best choice. We have 75 fully designed templates for you to choose from. Customize your template with our photo gallery, where you can find hundreds of free PCC photos.

Download a template Find a photo

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Option 2: Request help

If you already know what you need, but can’t find it in our DIY templates and tools, submit a project request. Please note: projects submitted within a month of your deadline cannot be guaranteed.

Request marketing assistance

Do you need assistance with something else marketing related?

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Option 3: Contact us

If you need more information or have questions about our marketing tools and templates, contact Emily Smudde.

Please note that some projects, depending on the number of deliverables, can take up to 12 weeks to produce. As you plan, please consider the amount of time needed to print and mail or otherwise distribute your project.

Other Marketing Resources

download Download a PCC Logo

Need a high res PCC logo? Use your MyPCC login information to download PCC logos for print or web use in turquoise, navy, white and black. If you’d like a logo lock up for your department, please let us know.

book Brand Identity Standards

Do you have a branding questions? Review our brand guide pages for more information on PCC logos, colors, and more. If you need help with messaging, check out our PCC brand key messages.

bullhorn Promotional Items

Do you need PCC branded swag? Check out our promotional item page to see what’s already available or submit a request using our marketing project request form for help creating customized swag. Please note: requests for swag submitted after April 1 cannot be guaranteed by end of the fiscal year.

flag Lending Library

Are you going to a PCC event? Check out our lending library for tablecloths, pop-up banners, and everything else you’d need for an outreach event.

images Photo Gallery and Icons

Do you need a photo or fun icon for your project? Check out our library of PCC icons for print and web-ready graphics. Then find hundreds of approved PCC photos in our photo gallery.