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Marketing Templates

These templates were designed to give you a jump-start on design projects. Templates are compliant with PCC brand identity standards and are print-ready. The slideshows display all available color schemes for each template.

How to use the templates

To download a template, click the link for your desired file format. You will be taken to Google Drive, where you will see all available color schemes for that template and format. Download a template by right-clicking on it and choosing Download.

Guidelines are provided at the top of each section to help you edit your template. Templates are available in turquoise, navy, and sometimes white versions.

Choose from:

Bookmarks | Brochures | Fliers | Handbills | Posters | PowerPoint | Rack cards | Stationery | Cards


Download the bookmark template guidelines »

Small diamond bookmark
Small diamond
Largo photo bookmark
Large photo
Photo banner bookmark
Photo banner
Simple bookmark


Download the brochure template guidelines »

Tri-fold brochure

Comes in four variations: three photo and one pattern.

Quad-fold brochure

Comes in four variations: three photo and one pattern.


Download the flier template guidelines »

Large diamond flier
Large diamond
Small diamond flier
Small diamond
Large photo flier
Large photo
Half page photo with sidebar flier
Half-page photo with sidebar
Photo banner flier
Photo banner
Two column flier
Two column
Three column with sidebar flier
Three column with sidebar
Three column flier
Three column
Four icon flier
Four icon
Simple flier


Download the handbill template guidelines »

Large diamond handbill
Large diamond
Small diamond handbill
Small diamond
Large photo handbill
Large photo
Photo banner handbill
Photo banner
Simple handbill


Download the poster template guidelines »

Large diamond poster
Large diamond
Small diamond poster
Small diamond
Large photo poster
Large photo
Photo banner poster
Photo banner
Simple poster
Large icon poster
Large icon


Pattern PowerPoint
Turquoise diamond
Pattern with bar PowerPoint
Navy diamond
Solid with bar PowerPoint
Large diamond




We offer thank you and birthday cards to fit two envelope sizes: A2 and A6, available for order through the PCC Print Center. To order cards, please do the following:

  • Download the image of the card you’d like the print.
  • Fill out this PCC Print Center form and attach the card image. Select “none” for all Paper and Bindery options, and choose “color” ink. In the special instructions section, choose your envelope size (A2 or A6).
Thank you cards
Sunburst thank you card
Large diamond thank you card
Large diamond
Diamonds thank you card
Birthday cards
Cake birthday card
Birthday cake
Poppie the Panther birthday card
Poppie the Panther