Order PCC Promotional Items

The Marketing and Communications Department will work with you to locate an already-existing item or create a specific item that meets college brand standards along with your budget and timeframe.

Option A: Order Existing Promo Items

1. Promotional Items

Looking for giveaway items you can take to a fair, event, or informational session? PCC’s Central Distribution Storeroom offers items that anyone in the college with access to a department budget number can order. Items include pencils, notepads, water bottles, and more!

Please refer to the promotional materials page to see if there’s an item in stock that will work for your event.

Orders can be submitted directly to the storeroom through their intranet site. Please provide the name of the item, quantity you’d like to order, and your department budget number when placing your order.

2. PCC Apparel

College branded apparel and outerwear is available through our preferred vendor, SwagNW. The store is currently closed as we restock. Check back soon.

3. Tablecloths and Pop-up Banners

PCC-branded tablecloths and pop-up banners are available to borrow through the Marketing and Communications Department’s Event Lending Library. These items are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit our Event Lending Library to request materials.

Option B: Create New Promotional Items

The Marketing and Communications team will work with you to design PCC-branded items that can be used for a specific event or project. We work with preferred vendors to ensure brand consistency and get the best prices available.

All swag items are required to include the PCC logo. Exceptions will only be made if the item you’re purchasing has an imprint area that is too small.  The PCC monogram logo will act as a substitute. Contact the Marketing and Communications team to discuss your project, and we’ll help you decide if custom swag is right for you.

Please note: If you are interested in using end-of-year funds to purchase promotional items for your department your request needs to be received no later than April 1.

Swag Ordering FAQs

Question: Does the Marketing Department have swag (promotional items) I can have for an upcoming event, special visit, or just to have on hand to give away?

The Marketing Department does have a stock of swag items that we keep on hand. However, we cannot provide you free items for your large event or just to keep on hand to give away to students or folks in the community. Our swag items are used for smaller one-off occasions (a small visiting group or an item for a raffle basket).

The Marketing Department’s budget and storage space are limited. We don’t have endless supplies and cannot give items out freely. If you have questions regarding a particular request, please reach out to Emily Smudde.

Please note: PCC promotional items, like folders, lanyards, pens, etc. are always available for purchase through the Central Distribution Storeroom.

Question: We have a department logo that was created for us and we’d like to put it on swag. Can the Marketing Department help?

PCC’s Brand Identity Standards allow departments and/or programs to use a logo “lock-up” version of the PCC logo (PCC primary logo + department/program name). We can use this logo lock-up on swag items, as well as a short URL linking to your website. If your department doesn’t have a logo lock-up yet, we can create that for you.

The college’s brand standards do not allow for individual departments and/or programs to have their own logo that’s outside of the college’s brand. While well intentioned, these types of off-brand logos dilute the college’s brand identity which causes confusion in the market place.

Question: I’m going to be tabling at an upcoming event and would like some specialty swag to hand out. What do I need to know and how far in advance do I need to place an order?

The Marketing Department can help you research and place orders for specialty swag. It’s helpful to come to us with a list of items you’re interested in ordering, including the quantity for each item and a budget. Your finished items can include a department logo lock-up (PCC primary logo + department/program name) and a short URL linking to your website. We cannot use off-brand logos that don’t meet the PCC Brand Identity Standards.

If you need items for an event it’s important that you begin the process with the Marketing Department at least two months prior to your event. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that the items will arrive in time. As well, you may have to incur rush charges in order to get them on time.

Question: I have end of fiscal year funds and want to purchase swag. When is the deadline?

April 1 is the deadline, especially if you want to use your department’s end of biennium funds. As you can imagine, many departments decide to purchase swag with unused funds towards the end of the fiscal year. In order to make sure we can help you research, design and place the order so that you can accept delivery by June 30, we need to hear from you by or before April 1.

Question: How do I pay for the swag I order? Can I just supply the Marketing Department with my department FOAP?

All swag is charged against your office supplies account (03010). The Marketing Department will help facilitate your purchase and you will be supplied an invoice to pay. In almost every case you will be able to pay for your purchase with an office p-card. Some instances require a check to be cut. The Marketing Department will provide you with a PDF price estimate that you will use to set up a requisition in Banner. All of the vendors we use who require payment by check have current vendor codes and tax information already on file with PCC financial services. The Marketing Department will not handle the payment by check process for you.

Please pay your invoices in a timely fashion. In some instances late and non-payments cause our vendors to restrict future orders for other departments until all payments are up-to-date.

Question: I have a grant that will cover marketing and I’d like to use part of it to order swag. How do I do this?

If your grant is supported through the PCC Foundation, you will need to notify the Foundation office of what you intend to purchase with the grant funds prior to placing your order. Once the items have arrived and we’ve been invoiced, you will then supply the invoice to the same email for payment. The Marketing Department will not handle the payment process for you.

Question: How does the Marketing Department work to honor the college’s priority of sustainability as it relates to the promotional items that are purchased?

We have worked to identify promotional items that are created with sustainable practices, recycled materials and/or are created in the United States or locally. Examples include:

  • Chico bags – Created using recycled materials in a climate neutral process.
  • Scoutbooks – Created locally using vegetable-based inks, and 100% recycled paper. (Covers contain 85% post-consumer recycled content and 15% pre-consumer recycled content. Pages contain 100% post-consumer recycled content.)
  • Bamboo Straw Kits – Created to be reusable so that we can limit the amount of plastic going into the environment.
  • Glass Water Bottles – Created to also limit the amount of plastic going into to the environment.

Departments should expect to pay more for certain items simply because they are made from materials that cost more for manufacturers to refine into its second life form. If purchasing a sustainably-created item is a priority for your department please let us know so we can research products accordingly.

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If you already know what you need but can’t find it in among the Central Distribution Storeroom’s items, no need to worry.

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Please Note: projects submitted within a month of your deadline cannot be guaranteed.