Brand Guide

Marketing Department Work Example - Brand Identity Standards

What is branding and why does it matter?

The Portland Community College brand is more than our logo and color scheme. Our brand exists in the thoughts and feelings of our audiences, and not just the brand manual our Marketing team uses to guide our work.

Think about branding as a relationship, or promise, about what we stand for and offer. Like people we are close to, some brands have a hold on us, too. What is the fundamental attribute of those close relationships? It’s trust.

The most important attribute of a strong brand is the trust earned in the relationship. Trust is very important to PCC. Our students need to trust we will deliver the learning we promise them. Our funders need to trust we will be good stewards of the resources they share with us. Our colleagues and partners need to trust we will collaborate in good faith.

Trust is built through high-quality, consistent experiences over time. That’s why branding matters to everyone. Whether you’re speaking to a student, posting on social media, or creating a brochure, you’re speaking for Portland Community College. You’re helping build trust. And that trust ultimately leads to a more robust and engaged community at PCC.

What PCC Believes

At Portland Community College, we see college as a cause. We believe in opportunity for all, always. That is why we provide educational excellence at an affordable price – the broadest and most practical range of learning opportunities in Oregon. That is why we meet every student where they are, and work tirelessly to reduce barriers to success. That is why we strive to live our commitment to diversity and inclusion through a challenging examination of our own assumptions and practices. That is why we are a powerhouse community connector, convening vital educational and workforce partnerships. And that is why we are bolder and more ambitious than people might expect. We know we are a powerful force for good in our community, and we feel a profound responsibility to deliver on that promise.

Learn more about PCC’s brand elements – from our iconic turquoise diamond to our approachable photography and lovable mascot.