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Summary of Benefits for Part-time Faculty

The following benefits are available to Part-time Faculty members who are bargaining unit eligible and/or members of the bargaining unit. Please see Articles 1.21 and 2.2 of the Faculty Agreement to determine whether you are bargaining unit eligible. For details, go to the benefits page or contact the Benefits Team.

Group Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
If you are a Part-Time Faculty member with a cumulative full-time equivalent (FTE) of at least 1.5 during the previous academic year and you are teaching at PCC the following year, you are eligible to enroll in PCC group insurance for medical, dental and vision coverage. Visit the Part-Time Faculty Benefits Eligibility webpage for details. To help pay the cost of your medical and vision coverage, the College makes a contribution (the “Cap”) toward medical and vision premiums for eligible part-time faculty. The Cap is determined by the tier of coverage you are enrolled in for your medical plan. If you enroll in self-only medical, you will get the self-only Cap whether or not you are covering dependents on vision. You may enroll in a PCC/OEBB dental plan only if you are enrolled in a PCC/OEBB medical plan. No portion of the cap will be applied to dental premiums. View the Part-Time Faculty Cost Sheet.
The following Caps are for eligible part-time faculty members.

  • $502 for self only
  • $652 for self plus spouse/domestic partner (DP) or self plus child(ren)
  • $802 for self plus family (includes spouse/DP and child(ren)
  • Employees enrolling in vision (no medical) get the employee only Cap of $502 regardless of how many family members they cover.
The difference between the premium for the plan(s) selected and the college-paid cap is your responsibility and will be deducted from your bi-weekly paychecks. Open Enrollment materials are sent to all benefits-eligible employees in the late summer each year.
Health Insurance Trust Fund
A trust fund is available to help Part-Time Faculty members who are not eligible for PCC benefits pay the cost of medical insurance. Members must apply to the Faculty Federation for use of the trust fund each term. For more information, visit the Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals website.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
This program provides confidential counseling sessions for you and your family members who experience personal, emotional or substance dependency problems. Other services include legal, budget, tax, childcare, eldercare needs assessments and assistance, wellness coaching and home purchase counseling and assistance. PCC pays for the first 5 counseling sessions per incident per year.
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
If you have childcare or eldercare expenses, you may enroll in a flexible spending account that allows you to pay these expenses with pre-tax dollars. You must complete 600 contact hours to become eligible for participation in this program. Once eligibility is established, you may continue to participate regardless of the number of contact hours. The plan is subject to Internal Revenue Service regulations.
Long Term Care
If you are eligible for health benefits (see Part-Time Faculty Benefits Eligibility webpage) you may enroll in long term care insurance through OEBB. Voluntary coverage is available for you and your spouse or partner to receive community-based care, nursing home care and/or hospice care, in the event that you are unable to care for yourself. If you purchase this coverage during the first 30 days of benefits eligibility, there is a guaranteed issue provision. You may also apply for long term care insurance each year during the open enrollment. Acceptance is subject to underwriting approval.
PCC participates in the Oregon Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS or OPSRP). Eligibility is based on employee hire date and classification.
Oregon Savings Growth Plan, 457 Plan
You may choose to invest in this retirement savings plan via pre-tax payroll deduction at any time during the year. The plan is administered through PERS and several different investment options are available.
Tax Deferred Annuity, 403(b) Plan
You may choose to save for retirement by setting up a Tax-Deferred Annuity. Contributions are made via pre-tax salary payroll deduction. Many self-directed investment options are available through a variety of participating providers.
Tuition Waiver
You, your spouse or partner and your eligible dependents are entitled to a maximum of six credit hours or two classes per term at PCC, whichever is greater. Tuition waiver may be used during the term of Part-Time Faculty employment or the term immediately following.
Sick Leave
As a Part-Time Faculty member, you accrue 2 hours of sick leave per pay period. A maximum of 32 hours may be accrued in an academic year. A maximum of 32 hours of accrued unused sick leave may be carried over from one academic year to the next.
Leave of Absence
If you will be absent for 10 or more work days, you must request a leave of absence.
Credit Union Membership
You and your immediate family members are eligible to join OnPoint Community Credit Union (formerly Portland Teachers Credit Union) for banking services such as savings, checking, IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, loans and a variety of other services. You can set up accounts at any time during the year.
Group Legal
You may purchase a plan that provides legal counsel and representation on a discounted basis for a broad range of legal needs. You can enroll or drop this benefit at any time during the year.
Homeowner and Auto Insurance
You may take advantage of special group discounts on auto, homeowner and renters insurance, paid via payroll deduction.
Library and Sports Facilities
You have unlimited free use of all college libraries. Gyms and physical fitness equipment are available free to benefits-eligible employees during open periods, or with enrollment in classes using the Tuition Waiver benefit.
American Association for Women in Community Colleges
AAWCC is an organization whose mission is to inspire, champion and celebrate the talents within each of us. AAWCC provides publications and events geared specifically to the needs of women who are community college staff or board members. Membership is $15 annually. Men and women are welcome to join

Please contact a member of the Benefits Team if you have questions or need additional information about our benefits program.