Physical Education

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Portland Community College Physical Education promotes fit and healthy lifestyles for a diverse group of students by delivering a quality education that includes the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary for living a physically active and healthy life.

We offer a wide range of over 100 courses each term. Course offerings vary from campus to campus, as do facilities and program availability.

PCC Physical Education Goals

  • Dedicated & professional instructors and staff
  • Students to develop knowledge & skills
  • Improvement in conditioning, fitness, & sports
  • Activities for physical skill & lifelong fitness
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Transferable Credits

Although PCC does not offer a degree in physical education, physical education courses are lower division collegiate courses that transfer to a four-year college or university. Physical education courses may transfer as:

  • elective credits
  • program requirement credits
  • and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution

Students are always encouraged to check with the receiving institution, your PCC academic advisor and the University Transfer website for the most accurate and timely transfer requirement information.

Opportunities Abound

More than 100 courses are offered each term in a variety of activity areas - aerobics, aquatics, certification, fitness, individual activities, leadership, martial arts, mind-body, outdoor pursuits, racquet sports, running, team sports, and weight training. More than 1,500 participants enroll in PE courses each term. Most classes meet either two or three times a week for 1 credit.

Opportunities are available for people who have disabilities or who need special accommodations in order to participate in physical education courses. We offer several sections of corrective physical education classes which students can take for credit.

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