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LegalShield Prepaid Legal Services

Eligible employees: Include all employees, but Part-Time Faculty, Casuals and Student employees cannot pay through payroll deductions.

Most of us need legal help at one time or another. You can get the legal help you need at a fraction of the usual cost by enrolling in LegalShield, a voluntary prepaid legal benefit plan. The plan covers you, your spouse or domestic partner, children living at home, and unmarried dependents up to the age of 21 (or 23 if they’re in school taking 12 hours of classes). Guardianship is covered up to the age of 18 and disabled children living at home are covered at any age.

  • Cost is $14.95 per month for Oregon and Washington residents; you may enroll or discontinue coverage at any time.
  • For employees paid monthly, post-tax payroll deductions are available. Others may pay via automatic withdrawal from a bank account.
  • To sign up, complete the enrollment form and return to HR/Benefits, DC-3, fax 971-722-5604.

Services may include:

  • Unlimited toll-free consultations with your Provider Attorney
  • Letters/phone calls made on your behalf by your Provider Attorney
  • Contract/document review
  • Will preparation
  • Moving traffic violation representation
  • Tragic Accident representation
  • Personal injury/property damage collection assistance
  • Trial defense services
  • IRS audit legal services
  • 25% discount on legal services not otherwise available through membership

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For more information, contact Jonathan Booth at jb@jkbtoday.com or 503-559-7040.