1. A program where you earn academic credit by working at a job
  2. The best way to gain work experience when you don’t have any

Do you want to explore jobs related to your major? Gain on-the-job knowledge and technical skills? Build a resume with relevant work experience? Then you want to do an internship!

Listen to these stats:

  • 81% of employers expect students to have done an internship
  • 40% of interns are hired full-time
  • Employers put more weight on experience – especially internships – than on academic credentials when evaluating a recent graduate

Virtual internships

Even if you’re taking classes remotely, you can still gain tangible work experience in your field of study. Learn about virtual co-op guidelines.

How to set up an internship

Setting up an internship requires a little extra initiative on your part, but don’t worry – students just like you do this every term!

Check requirements
Talk to a specialist

Learn requirements for internships in your program: see a Career Services specialist.

Talk to employers
Find job sites

that offer experience related to your career goals. See how to find sites.

Get your paperwork together
File paperwork

with your Career Services specialist before the term starts. See forms.

Get your work done
Do the work

complete assignments, seminars, and check-ins. See more on grading.

Get started

See more about how to get started »

Who can do an internship?

Any credit student at PCC! We encourage all students to complete at least one internship as part of their program. Better yet: multiple internships!


Technical degree students

There is a large possibility your program wants you to do an internship. It may be required or optional, either way, it’s a great way to gain experience, make connections, and practice what you learned in class.

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University transfer students

Transferring to a 4-year college? You can earn credit and gain work experience related to your degree.


International students

Some international students want the opportunity to get work experience in the United States. If you meet the correct criteria this could be an option for you.

Connect with us

We have offices at every campus to help with internships! See all staff »

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