Job coaching

students and staff around tableDid you know that PCC offers free job coaching to help your job search be more successful? We assist with resume writing, planning your job search, and enhancing your interviewing skills. We want to help develop your career path!

We can help!

We help current and former students with every part of the job search plan:

file  Resume help
  • Learn how to build a resume
  • Enhance your resume
magnifying glass  Job search
  • Learn how to get experience
  • Understand social media as a key part of job search
  • Build your network – get connected in your field
  • Find out where the jobs are and get inside tips on job leads
  • Workshops and job events: see the career and job calendar
comment  Interview help
  • Learn interview strategies with a specialist
  • Improve interviewing skills with Interviewprep (video-based interview software)
dollar sign  Salary info
  • Find out how much jobs pay
  • Get wage information – know what you’re worth!
  • Understand how to negotiate salary

Planning a career, landing the job

See our DIY guide on Connecting College to Career. We cover how to become the best candidate to land your first job out of college.

Before your appointment

Gather your information and have it available during your appointment. You don’t need a full-blown resume – handwritten notes are fine, or even better, type them up! Try using the Career Profile tool in Oregon CIS.

Have with you:

  • Prior education: where you went, when you graduated.
  • Previous training and achievement: names and dates of any specialized certificates, credentials, or skills that you have developed. Write down any activities that highlight your achievements.
  • Any paid or unpaid work: who you worked for, where you volunteered, dates of employment, your accomplishments, and responsibilities.

Connect with us

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