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Program specialists

Have questions? Consult the specialist for your program of interest.

Program Campus Specialist
Addiction Counseling Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Apprenticeship and Trades Rock Creek Haydee Goldenberg
Architectural Design and Drafting Sylvania George Knox
Auto Collision Repair Technology Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Automotive Service Sylvania Diane Jantze
Aviation Maintenance Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Aviation Science Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Bioscience Rock Creek Haydee Goldenberg
Building Construction: Construction Management, Design and Build Remodeling Rock Creek Aimee Bosland
Building Inspection Sylvania George Knox
Business Administration: Accounting, Management, Marketing Southeast Emily Hordes
Business Administration: Accounting, Management, Marketing Rock Creek Aimee Bosland
Business Administration: Accounting, Management, Marketing Sylvania Nicole Perez
Career Development Co-op Rock Creek Haydee Goldenberg
Career Development Co-op Sylvania George Knox
Computer Aided Design and Drafting Southeast Emily Hordes
Computer Information Systems Sylvania Nicole Perez
Computer Science Sylvania Nicole Perez
Criminal Justice Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Dental Assisting Sylvania Diane Jantze
Dental Hygiene Sylvania Diane Jantze
Diesel Service Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Early Education and Family Studies Sylvania Diane Jantze
Electric Power Generation Service Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Emergency Medical Services Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Engineering Technology Sylvania Nicole Perez
Exercise Science Sylvania Diane Jantze
Facilities Maintenance Technology – HVAC Rock Creek Haydee Goldenberg
Fire Protection Technology Cascade Tanya Maldonado
General Studies Cascade Tanya Maldonado
General Studies Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
General Studies Southeast Emily Hordes
General Studies Sylvania George Knox
Geography and GIS Sylvania George Knox
Gerontology Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Graphic Design Sylvania George Knox
Health Information Management Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Interior Design Sylvania George Knox
Interpreter Training Sylvania George Knox
Landscape Technology: Design, Environmental Landscape Management Rock Creek DeAnne Hardy
Management and Supervisory Development Program Southeast Emily Hordes
Manufacturing Technologies Sylvania Diane Jantze
Medical Assisting Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Medical Laboratory Tech Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Microelectronics Rock Creek Bill Manley
Multimedia Sylvania George Knox
Nursing Sylvania Diane Jantze
Ophthalmic Medical Tech Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Paraeducator Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Paralegal Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Radiography Sylvania Diane Jantze
Transfer Programs Cascade Tanya Maldonado
Transfer Programs Rock Creek Aimee Bosland
Transfer Programs Southeast Emily Hordes
Transfer Programs Sylvania George Knox
Veterinary Technology Rock Creek Aimee Bosland
Welding Rock Creek Haydee Goldenberg