Finding eligible worksites

Patti and senior friend smiling

Patti Garland (pictured right, with Ruth Egert on the left) earned a Gerontology degree from PCC, including three terms of co-op internships

Companies of all sizes, in both the public and private sectors, offer internships.

  • The worksite must offer experience that is directly related to your career goals.
  • The work experience must provide an opportunity for new learning and skill development.
  • A worksite supervisor must be available and willing to train, supervise, and evaluate you, and to communicate with the college representative.
  • An instructor will visit the site one or more times during the term to review your work and talk to your supervisor. When possible, a brief conference with you and your supervisor is scheduled.
  • Large, medium, and small companies in the public and private sectors hire students.
  • You may already have a job that will qualify as a worksite.
  • Employers are not obligated to hire a student. However, employment is sometimes offered after a successful Cooperative Education experience.
  • Any career-specific, part-time job is a potential Cooperative Education opportunity.