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TRIO Student Support Services

Cascade SSB 301 | Contact us | 971-722-5752 | FAX: 971-722-5699

TRIO SSS open remotely during COVID-19

Reach us by phone, email, or video! Visit our Staff Profiles page to see our contact information. 

We are always accepting applications for TRIO! Make sure to read below about our Services and how you can Qualify before you apply online.

Resources for students

TRIO Student Support Services:

  • Personalized, ongoing academic advising
  • Tuition-FREE College Success & Career Guidance (CG) courses (7 credits total)
    • CG 111B: Study Skills (2cr)
    • CG 105 + WR 105: College Writing for Scholarships (4cr)
    • CG 114: Financial Survival (1cr)
    • If you apply before Fall 2020 begins:
      • You will take CG 111B Fall 2020 online in Desire2Learn (D2L) with a weekly Zoom meeting, Wednesday at 1pm.
      • You will take CG 114 Winter 2020 and CG+WR 105 in Spring 2020. We hope to be on campus for these terms, but do not know yet.
  • Dedicated TRIO Math and Writing tutoring
  • Financial aid advising and advocacy
  • Connections to resources, campus cultural events and student activities
  • Assistance with university transfer process
  • Referrals to college Counseling, Career Exploration, and Disability Services
  • Scholarship search assistance
  • Peer mentor opportunities
  • Volunteer resources
  • Available once we return to campus:
    • The TRIO Corner, a space for studying, tutoring, access to computers and printing
    • Local university visits and tours

Make TRIO part of your journey to academic success! 

How are students eligible to join the TRIO Student Support Services Program?

Students who can join TRIO:
  • Are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid (such as Pell Grant and/or federal student loans)
  • Plan to enroll at least half-time (6-8 credits), 3/4-time (9-11 cr), or full-time (12+ cr) per quarter at PCC; at least 18 cr per year
  • Are in Good Academic & Financial Aid Standing w/ 2.0 GPA or higher
    • Talk to us about “Bridge to TRIO” if not currently meeting this requirement
  • Take most of their courses at Cascade Campus
  • Are working on their first college degree (have earned HS diploma, GED®, or equivalent)
  • Are still working on completing at least one of the following courses:
    • Reading 90 or 115
    • Writing 90 or 115
    • Math 20 – 95/98
    • ESOL 260 – 264 (Level 8)

They may also identify with being:

  • A First-Generation college student (parent/guardian(s) do not have a Bachelors degree or higher)
  • Registered with PCC Disability Services

I want to apply!

If you are ready to become a TRIO student, please fill out our application. When you are finished, make sure to schedule your follow-up appointment.

You are welcome to talk with our Program Assistant, Liz Bernunzio, to ask questions about the Program and/or complete your application! If you would like to meet, please see her availability and schedule an appointment.

TRIO Staff will be responding to communications via phone, voicemail and email during their regular office hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

We look forward to meeting you!