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PCC Clear Clinic: PCC Community Legal & Educational Access & Referral Clinic

Clinic hours

The CLEAR Clinic is now offering in-person legal clinic hours!

  • Location: PCC Cascade, Terrell Hall, Room 112 (map here) – free parking in PCC lots through spring term, 2022
  • Walk-in Clinic Hours: Mondays and Fridays, 12 to 4 pm
    • DACA Renewals and Immigration Legal Screenings: Temporarily Paused
    • Expungements: Fridays

About the CLEAR Clinic

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Welcome to the PCC CLEAR (Community Legal & Educational Access & Referral) Clinic! The CLEAR Clinic is a legal clinic at PCC Cascade in North Portland, providing the following free legal services to people in the Portland metro area:

  • Criminal record and eviction expungements
  • DACA renewals
  • Housing and immigration court navigation
  • Legal name and gender-marker changes
  • Other legal advice and referrals for legal services, PCC resources, and community-based resources

The CLEAR Clinic aims to help all our community members reduce barriers to employment, housing, and education. We are dedicated to increasing access to justice, education, and career training, and to addressing the lasting impact of disproportionate law enforcement on people of color and low-income communities.

Additionally, the CLEAR Clinic offers a seamless transition to education and career training at PCC by partnering with credit and non-credit academic programs and wrap-around supports like Workforce Development, Adult Basic Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and the Dreamers Resource Center. The Clinic also partners with a variety of community-based organizations to holistically support participants.

All of our legal services are free and accessible to everyone in the Portland area (though filing fees may apply). The CLEAR Clinic seeks to help our community members eliminate barriers to well-being as we all struggle to build a healthy post-pandemic community.

Mission & Vision

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Our mission is to help tear down some of the barriers that keep our community from enjoying the benefit of each members’ full participation. We understand the struggles that can lead to involvement in the justice system, immigration system, and housing system, and we seek to help reduce these struggles through legal advocacy. We want to help our neighbors clear their records, clear up their housing and immigration issues, and clear their paths forward.

The CLEAR Clinic aims to help create a Portland metropolitan area that values all of its residents and allows each person to shine their brightest, without being held back by legal issues. We acknowledge our state and nation’s devastating history of white supremacy both within and outside the legal system, and we want to do our part to help dismantle it. We are dedicated not only to helping clear the obstacles that arise from oppressive systems, but to helping end these systems of oppression entirely.