Scholarships Resource Page

  • Each year, TRIO students collectively earn $30,000+ in scholarship awards.
  • As a TRIO student, you get to take CG 105+WR 105 College Writing for Scholarships, and TRIO pays the tuition (4 credits).
    That’s like already winning a scholarship!
  • TRIO staff can help you with your scholarship application and essays, and guide you to resources and workshops.

There are a LOT of scholarship opportunities out there that come from a variety of organizations, companies and institutions. Whether you are a TRIO student or not, you may want to get started with your search by checking out the Scholarships at PCC website, and the scholarship cycle and resources information below.

Scholarship cycle



  • Look at the list of scholarships provided on this page and read the eligibility requirements
  • Check scholarship search sites such as Sallie Mae for more scholarship opportunities
  • Search the web for scholarships related to your career goals, field of study, or your academic goals
  • Brainstorm the strengths you want to highlight in your essays
  • Volunteer, find an internship, or get involved at PCC
  • Begin an outline or rough draft of your essays

Begin the application process:

  • Check for application deadlines and make a calendar (some are as early as October)
  • Meet with your TRIO advisor to talk about your essay
  • Visit the Writing Center for help with your essays
  • Attend a scholarship workshop
  • Take advantage of CG 105 + WR 105, Scholarship $$ for College course, for FREE through TRIO
  • Make a list of people you would like to ask for a letter of recommendation (TRIO Advisors, Instructors, etc.)
  • Give references at least 3 week’s notice


  • Meet with your TRIO Advisor for help with filling out applications
  • Be sure you have all the materials you need for each application, such as transcripts, final essays, letters of recommendations, FAFSA, or any other additional documents

Wait to hear:

  • Check your email for notification
  • You may need to follow up, so it’s important to also check your spam folder
  • If you win a scholarship, get in touch with the scholarship or financial aid office at the school you plan to attend and make sure you meet the requirements for the scholarships (such as full-time enrollment, etc.)
  • If you win, write thank you letters to the donors and let your references and TRIO Advisor know
  • If you don’t win, don’t give up! Try again next year, and continue to revise your essays

Scholarship resources

PCC and transfer scholarships
Local university scholarships
Oregon diversity scholarships
Regional and national diversity scholarships
Study abroad scholarships and leadership programs
STEM scholarships and programs

Do you have resources about scholarships that you would like to share with us? Please send an email to so that they can review the opportunity and possibly add it to their External College Scholarships site, where it would reach more students at PCC.