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Many studio classes may be taken up to three times for credit. The PCC Art Department welcomes degree and non-degree seeking students who are looking for the opportunity to deepen their relationship to art and connect to a vibrant creative community in order to challenge and cultivate their visual intelligence. 

Most classes contain a mixture of general education students, transfer art majors, and non-degree students, both introductory and advanced — in short a stimulating and diverse community of various ages, cultural backgrounds and skills. We feel this is the healthiest environment for creativity and art education.

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Foundations Classes

PCC offers a comprehensive two-year foundation in studio art and art history. Art series classes may be taken in any sequence, but please check the PCC catalog for recommendations.

First Year Second Year Further Study
115 Basic Design    
116 Basic Design    
117 Basic Design    
131 Intro Drawing 231 Drawing 234 Life Drawing
181 Intro Painting 281 Painting 277 Life Painting
279 Experimental Media
140 Digital Photo 240 Digital Photo II  
141 Intro. Photo (non-darkroom)   197 Artist's Skills
142 Intro. Photo (darkroom) 143 Photo II  
  243 Photo Portfolio  
  270 Printmaking 271 Printmaking II
284 Intro. Watercolor 287 Watercolor  
218 Lettering Calligraphy 220 Advanced Lettering Seminar  
253 Intro. Ceramics 256 Ceramics II  
290 Sculpture: Plaster/Clay    
291 Sculpture: Carving 293 Figure Sculpture  
292 Sculpture: Mixed Media 294 Sculpture Welding  
Intro. to Art 101, 102, 103 History of Western Art 204, 205, 206 Women in Art 210
  Modern Art History 211, 212, 213 Understanding Comic Art 217
  History of Asian Art 207, 208, 209 215 History of American Residential Architecture