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Discover Classes: An On-Ramp to PCC

Collage of images, displaying different workers: 1) A man taking putting a band aid on a woman 2) a woman writing down measurements in a trades setting 3) men in a manufacturing facility with hard hats 4) a man at a computer

Explore your career options with these no-cost, two-week Discover classes. Discover classes are a great option if you are considering going back to school and not sure which program is right for you, if you want to build skills before enrolling, and if you need support enrolling at PCC!

Upcoming classes

Want to speak with someone on the team? Please call 971-722-2688 or email us at opportunitycenters@pcc.edu for more information!

This program is funded through the Title III RISES Grant. Portland Community College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Institution. Contact Accessible Ed & Disability Resources if you have a disability that requires services.