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Computer Basics Workshops

The first Tuesday through Thursday of every month, we offer a 3-day digital literacy series for beginner computer users from 1-2:30pm. Students and community members are welcome to attend at no cost. Workshops rotate between our Opportunity Centers and online via Zoom.

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Computer basics for English language learners

The last Tuesday through Thursday of the month we offer a workshop designed for non-native English speakers from 5:30-7pm. Our aim is to assist English language learners of all levels. All community members are welcomed to this no-cost workshop. Workshops rotate between our Opportunity Centers and online via Zoom.

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Monthly topics

Microsoft basics
Day 1: Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to modify page layouts and discover new templates.
  • Learn about editing tools and how to format text.
  • Practice creating and saving a document.
Day 2: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Get started with the basics of creating a slideshow and working with themes.
  • Learn how to format text and modify slides.
  • Practice adding visual effects and how animating objects.
Day 3: Microsoft Excel
  • Learn about cells, columns, and rows.
  • Practice modifying and storing data.
  • Learn how to use simple formulas.
Google workspace – basics
Day 1: Gmail tips and tricks
  • Learn how to use quick search, advanced search, and star features to find important emails.
  • Learn how to attach a resume, photo, or any document to an email.
  • Learn how to add a professional signature line, and how to CC (copy), and BCC (blind copy) recipients.
Day 2: Google workspace basics part 1
  • Gain a basic understanding of Google Drive.
  • Participate in a general overview of Google Docs.
  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
Day 3: Google workspace basics part 2
  • Gain a basic understanding of Google Meet.
  • Participate in a general overview of Google Slides.
  • Learn how to create a Google Form.
Google workspace – intermediate
Day 1: Google Docs
  • Review how to create, format, export, and share Docs.
  • Learn how to add headers and footers, use word count, insert links, and create visually appealing reports.
  • Practice creating a dynamic document and sharing your document with links.
Day 2: Google Sheets
  • Review how to create, format, export, and share Sheets.
  • Learn how to create a filter and sort data.
  • Learn how to add a formula using Sheets.
  • Build a budget tracker in Sheets, using skills you learn in class.
Day 3: Google Slides
  • Learn how to make visually appealing presentations, using themes, formatting, photos, links, and color matching.
  • Learn how to animate your presentation.
  • Practice creating dynamic slides and learn how to present.
Skills for student success
Day 1: Tech-savvy tricks and tips
  • Learn tech skills such as taking screenshots and finding your downloads.
  • Learn about computer safety and security.
  • Learn about keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
Day 2: Google Calendar and time management
  • Learn how to set your Google Calendar.
  • Learn how to add guests, locations, details, and documents to a Calendar invitation.
  • Time management tips using Google Calendar.
Day 3: LinkedIn basics
  • Learn how to set up a LinkedIn account.
  • Learn how to create a professional profile and get tips for a professional photo.
  • Learn the basics of how to network on LinkedIn and send connections.
Getting started with tech tools
Day 1: Using the internet
  • Learn how to get connected to the internet.
  • Learn how URLs work.
  • Learn basic search strategies, how to bookmark pages, and tips for using passwords.
Day 2: Zoom etiquette and tips
  • Learn Zoom etiquette for classes and business meetings.
  • Learn how to send private chat messages, share your screen and raise your hand, or use emojis in Zoom.
  • Learn how to change your name and include pronouns in Zoom.
Day 3: Internet safety
  • Learn how to be aware of phishing scams and how to get off of email spam.
  • Learn how to set strong passwords.
  • Learn safe practices when sharing your information online or using public computers.


Resource library

Tools for building skills.

Learning at PCC
  • Computer classes: Learning just for fun? Improving your skills for the workplace? Looking to work towards a degree? We’ve got a class for you!
Free community resources
Self-led computer basics
Self-led intermediate and advanced learning
  • Google Workspace: Collection of short how-to videos for Google Workspace.
  • Code Academy: Start learning to code for free.
  • Khan Academy: Computer programming courses, and much more.
  • Coursera: Courses on a huge range of topics (note: not all classes are free).
  • Microsoft Learn: Online classes to train for Microsoft certificates (note: while classes may be free, testing for certificates may have a cost).
Quick how-to videos

This program is made possible thanks to the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Award.