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This content was published: June 12, 2019. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Express advising for online learners

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The Online Learning advising team is excited to announce the expansion of our Express Advising hours! We have increased our weekly Express Advising availability from six to 16. Each week an advisor is available over the phone from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. This expansion will help more fully-online students get the advising support they need, when they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Express Advising

What is Express Advising?

Express Advising is the Online Learning version of the drop-ins offered at our on-campus Advising Centers. Instead of stopping at an Advising Center, online learners can call Online Advising and get the same kind of quick help over the phone. Express Advising is a good fit for students who have questions that can be resolved in a 5-10 minute conversation.

How does Express Advising work?

The Online Advising team conducts Express Advising over the phone at 971-722-9656 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.

During Express Advising hours, callers get directed to a menu where they have the choice to set up an appointment (Option 1) or speak directly with an advisor (Option 2). After selecting Option 2, the student will have the ability to enter their G-number. The advisor will verify their G-number once the student is connected.

If an advisor is already on the phone with a student, any other callers get placed on hold and put in a queue. The advisor will answer the calls in the queue in the order they are received. Students on hold will also have the option of leaving their phone number for the advisor to call back at their earliest availability.

Outside of Express Advising hours, students can still call 971-722-9656 to schedule an advising appointment via the Student Help Desk.

Who is Express Advising for?

Express Advising is available for any fully-online student (with the exception of students who are taking online Community Education courses or who are enrolled in a Career-Technical program). This includes students who are completing a fully-online transfer degree (AAOT, AS, ASOT-B) or an Associate of General Studies.

If a student is taking any in-person classes, they should contact a campus Advising Center.

When should a student schedule an appointment instead?

Although many advising topics can be effectively covered in a short 10-minute conversation, some still require a phone appointment. Online Advising requires appointments for the following:

  • placement holds
  • financial aid time frame extensions and consortium agreements
  • academic standing issues (academic probation learning contracts, midterm checks, suspension re-entry)
  • veterans holds
  • long-range academic planning

Phone appointments are also a good fit for students who are new to college or who have complicated questions.

For any of these topics, schedule an appointment through the Student Help Desk at 971-722-9565. Phone appointments are available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. Please note that Online Learning does not offer same-day appointments.

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