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A zoom avatar of a racoon. Quarterly Updates for Summer 2022
A review of the most interesting updates to the learning ecosystem for summer 2022. Posted June 22, 2022
Stacie Williams Late work that actually works 11
COMM faculty Stacie Williams shares her current late work practices in online courses. Posted June 6, 2022
icon continuous delivery May 2022 Highlights
Updates coming to Brightspace on May 26th, 2022. Posted May 18, 2022
icon continuous delivery April 2022 Highlights
Continuous Delivery updates for April 2022. Posted April 21, 2022
icon continuous delivery March 2022 Highlights
Continuous Delivery updates for March 2022. Posted April 21, 2022
Copyright : bloomua , 123rf Quarterly updates for Spring 2022
A few important updates for Zoom and other information for Spring 2022. Posted March 29, 2022
a close up shot of a microscope lens little things 2
Small things from the instructional support team. Posted February 28, 2022
Coach offering help Warm Demander Pedagogy 14
Greg Kaminski discusses approaches to being a warm demanded in your class. Posted February 14, 2022
icon continuous delivery February 2022 Highlights
Added: Updates to D2L Brightspace for February 2022. Posted February 9, 2022
Pulse home page in iPhone A fresh look at the Brightspace Pulse app 1
If you use D2L Brightspace at PCC, you have probably heard of the Pulse app. The Pulse app has been […] Posted January 31, 2022